Monday, December 29, 2008

Got that feeling again....

Back in 1999 I signed up for my first Ironman...I was fucking wigged out about it for a year. The fears that crept into my mind about finishing the damn thing were overwhelming...10 years later I didn't bat an eye signing up for IMUSA 2008...that made me stop and think about ever doing another one...that and a long laundry list of shit...but this weekend we sent in our entry fee to the Desert RATS race...148 mile stage run from Grand Junction Co to Moab UT...and there it was again the feeling of OH SHIT! Man it feels good. I am so looking forward to a little run in the desert.

Seems that gravity is letting me off the hook as the ankle is feeling better. I have yet to run on it but I haven't had any pain in quite awhile so I am going to do a few test miles here pretty quick. I just want to make sure it is 100% before I start the road to RATS

Got that feeling again....

Back in 1999 I signed up for my first Ironman...I was fucking wigged out about it for a year. The fears that crept into my mind about finishing the damn thing were overwhelming...10 years later I didn't bat an eye signing up for IMUSA 2008...that made me stop and think about ever doing another one...that and a long laundry list of shit...but this weekend we sent in our entry fee to the Desert RATS race...148 mile stage run from Grand Junction Co to Moab UT...and there it was again the feeling of OH SHIT! Man it feels good. I am so looking forward to a little run in the desert.

Seems that gravity is letting me off the hook as the ankle is feeling better. I have yet to run on it but I haven't had any pain in quite awhile so I am going to do a few test miles here pretty quick. I just want to make sure it is 100% before I start the road to RATS

Monday, December 22, 2008

Injuries and the mind of a posure athlete

Well it has been like two years since I last ran..okay well maybe just 8 days but it seems like forever...I miss the woods, dirt, rocks, roots.

There is hope, I took the temp cast off on Wed and to my amazement I was able to walk with little to no pain. I was pretty bruised along the foot and ankle but as long as I didn't twist there was no has been getting better ever since. I "think" I could actually run. I haven't yet just because I just don't want to screw it up. I have been on the trainer a few times and that is going really well. No awareness of injury at all.

We are going away to Ark this weekend so I hope to try a few road miles while we are there.

Kurt 1 Gravity 1

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Don't fuck with gravity

OK well yeah I took a shot at I am on crutches and morphine. Fuck me my ankle isn't broke but it is fucked wayyyyy up.

So much for kicking ass.


Friday, December 12, 2008


It is here, I don't much look towards Fridays during the week. I always wonder about people who wish for Friday on Monday's. I always ask...why wish your life away? There are 4 days to live between now and Friday make the most of those.

I am looking forward to some great training this weekend. Rode the trainer abit this morning and will run or ellipical at lunch...TATUR Christmas party tonight then something long running in the morning...a friends daughter's first track meet that afternoon followed by some bike time.

Sunday will be some more! Thend Circ de Sole is that how you spell it? And a nice dinner with Shelley...big date. woo hoo

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Every good superhero needs a Nemesis, Batman had the joker, superman that one dude, Spiderman had can tell I thought comic books sucked and I am no fucking superhero but I do have a Nemesis...and well it is Sir Isaac Newton well not really him cause that dude is dead but his friend gravity. Yep gravity pulls on my BFA and makes me slow. I have spent the last 13-14 year trying to overcome that shit. It was a friend once upon a time. When I fought gravity was my assistant that enabled me to direct force to peoples head.

Now it just drags me down...


today, I kicked it's ass! I snuck away from work for a lunch time run. My legs have been feeling pretty damn good considering all the miles I have been putting in but today FUCK YOU GRAVITY I had the best run I have had in a long time. 45 min avg hr 135 or so not sure how far I went but I think it was close to 6 miles and I was in full cruise

Just can't get enough

The last couple weeks of training have been so fucking good I just had to holla about it. Running is good with some serious hours in, my legs are feeling good on the bike and I actually swam a couple of times. It is good not to "have to" swim.

We just got some Nathan hydration pack and they are awesome. Got some new XT Wings as well and they fucking rock. Best trail shoe I have ever had on my feet.

I ran last night solo and it was really cool. The moon was full and the trails were fresh from the rain. It was stupid fucking cold but after 45 min or so my legs woke up and I was running well despite all the hours I have been putting in.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I fucking hate funerals. Seriously fucking hate them. Dr. Steve's service was Monday and I went is support of my friends and teammates. I have been pretty bummed since. I really fear that I am going to run out of time. This is the thing that worries me the most. Not what lies beyond deaths shadow but what I will miss out on here. There are just so many things I want/need to do. Will Shelley know how much I truly love her? Will Kyla understand her dad's true love, will my friends know how much they mean to me? I really want to be a better husband, dad, brother, friend I get so fucking frustrated with not reaching out more. I want to scream when I think about how society misses opportunities daily to better the lives of all mankind.

Fuck man life is too short.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

RIP Dr. Steve

Just found out that one of my teammates Dr. Steve was found dead this morning. Not sure what the cause of death was but man that is fucked up.

Tailwinds mate.

Monday, November 24, 2008

OK State Championsip Cyclocross...Tulsa Oklahoma

Sunday was OK CX State...while I was in no position to get a jersery I was hoping to be able to at least have ONE, ONE fucking decent CX race this season. Since we didn't run any 50k's this weekend and my training has been good but not stupid long...the possiblilty was there.

Sat I trained way more than I intended...2 hour trail run and an ez 1:45 on the trainer...I was only going to run 1 hour and ride the trainer one hour BUT the trail run was awesome and I was enjoying the beautiful fall day...then on the trainer I put in stage 6 of the 2006 TdF and was grooving with the pelaton...and kind of lost track of time.

No worries, got up Sun morning and spun on the trainer for 30min to wake up...ate a good breakfast and headed over to the race site. The course was a long son of a bitch...hell the 1's were turning 6:30 huge nasty run long sand pit the rest would be blazing fast...warmed up another 30 minutes on the course and the legs were feeling pretty damn good. I had hope....

We get the call to the line and I am feeling it....we get Riders READY?!!!! Go...I take off with the lead group and we hit the first turn before the first set of baracades and BAM! Fucking rear tire blows. Shit less than 100 meters off the line and my sorry ass is running back to the pit saying fuck a lot. Get the rear changed out with pit wheels and go to the officials free lap? WTF we always get a free lap...I ask to hop back in where I left off which is what we were told to do but for some reason I get relegated back to after the freaking Jrs. I am a lap down after one...I get back in and just buried myself for as long as I could. I actually had a decent ride just too bad I was a lap plus down from the start.

Such is cross and the way my season has gone.

JFR and smile while you suffer

Monday, November 17, 2008


It has been 11 daze since my last post and a whole bunch of shit happened....road Cross at the night race in OKC....I was totally fucking legs were stupid tired...not just tired but that deep down fatigue that just sucks your will to live out. Does that stop me from going out and giving it 100% effort well hell no is the answer you are looking for there spot.

Let's see that was Thur Nov 6th. We were on our way down to the Rockledge Rumble 50k...Running two 50ks in two weeks is kind or stupid but I really was looking forward to it. Coming off the Bass Pro 50k I really thought I would run this thing well despite the cross race from hell on Thursday night. The course looked way easier the bass pro and I figured I was in better shape. I am such a dumb ass...

The race went okay but I was only 5 min faster then the Bass Pro race...Shelley won the woman's even though she had serious stomach issues. She was about 15 min slower but the course was much closer to 32 miles.

Yesterday was OKC cross and a beautiful day...I basically rode temp since I am really really fatigued

Great fun but my results...well they suck but I am having a blast.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I fucking suck! Holy Shit last Sunday was my first cross race of the season in OKC. Finally get to race the new cross bike...that I have only been on ONE FUCKING TIME since I got it.

The whole week following the Bass Pro 50k I have been really really Friday I was thrashed and really just wanted to sleep. So...I bail at lunch and take a long nap. My temp is about 100 and I am feeling like hammered shit.

I planned on running 15 miles at McMurtry on Sat then race cross on Sunday. Sat was awesome and we got to McM in good time. I took off running the first loop before the rest of the crew. I actually stayed away the whole loop even after one piss and a crap stop. Does a bear shit in the woods? Fuck if I know but a Kurt does bwhahahaha. Any way I hammered out the first 7.5 miles feeling pretty good and running well. Got back to the car to wait on Shelley and the rest of the group and I crashed hard...I could barely keep my eyes open. I was spent. I tried to start another loop but decided to save what energy I had left for the cross race on Sunday.

We dicked around Sunday morning way too long I was getting pissed at Shelley since I really wanted to get to the race site early to help with set up and get a long warm up in. Well what do you know Matt fucking changed the start time to noon? What the I had like 20 min to warm up. Finally the decision was made to start at 12:30...dipshits.

I warmed up with the PG-13 boys and was feeling so so. We got lined up and I was going to race the masters...problem is it is 35+. I looked around and every peckerhead on the line also races the A race and is or was at least a cat2. Where the fuck were the rest of the old fuckers. Shit...we are off...I am doing all I can on the first paved section to hang on...I am hoping the knives in my thighs would fall out...I was hoping the tunnel vision would soon open up...I believe there was blood dripping from my ears...shit I was hurting bad and we were on the first fucking lap.

I was staying close then on the second lap...bam...piss piss front tire goes flat. I didn't think we could cut the course to the pit so I road the loop with the front flat. I didn't want to roll the tire so I just plodded along getting lapped fuck I was pissed.

Get to the pit and the team wheels are already gone so I sit down to change the damn thing...I get back in the race after a couple laps down and I still didn't feel great.


No worries, racing a practice cross race tonight before heading to Dallas to run another 50k. We'll see how it goes. I feel better but now I am worried about my fitness.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

OK a RR for BP ODF 50k

Okay, since I have a second I better drop a line about the race last weekend before the soreness is gone from my legs.

Shelley and I head to Branson MO. on Friday after work...we stop off at the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield MO. to pick up packets. We have now been there the total of twice...the fucking wildlife exhibits have been closed both times so all we get to see is fat fuck rednecks wandering around lusting after camouflaged underwear, guns and fishing shit. It is a slice of Americana to behold. It has if these good people have found the holy grail. Awesome.

We get our packets and head to Branson...we decide a steak would be nice since the race is two days away...pull into an Outback Steak house...whatdafuck...that dude is his is about half the leave hoping for a non-smoking anything.

Pull into Branson and find a rib crib....mmmmm ribs...around this time it strikes me...this place is fucking weird...old people every damn police....just old people milling around like some kind of fucking elephant grave yard...dude there is evil afoot.

So we get to our hotel which is surprisingly nice and chill...since we were the first of our crew to arrive. Wake up Sat morning and head back to Springfield so Shelley can shop and we can see more of America...well we apparently didn't see enough cause back to Branson we go to the Bass Pro shop of the same.

The rest of our crew arrives and we head out to the race site so they can pick up there with the RD...ask about drop bags...RD has no idea what a drop bag is or what she is going to do with them...OH shit this might be a cluster fuck of a race. Get sorted head back to the hotel and crash...

Race morning...

We are greeting by Barney Fife and the race site...seriously...a Don Knotts impersonator...he was spot on and actually funny as hell. We get instructions that we will be starting with the 25k people and basically run the second loop backwards.

One bullet Barney shoots his gun and we head down a little asphalt to start the day....then the first creek crossing at about 1/2 mile...then another then a couple more then a few more...the RD said there were 5 creek crossing 10 for the 50k...I stopped counting on the first loop at 1o meaning 20 at least for the 50k. Once were left the first creek we went straight up. I mean freaking straight up. These were by far the steepest hills I have ever been on. I thought my back was going to seize up and paralyze me. I was blown after the first up and down...I thought my knees were not going to make it. So I settled into an easy pace on what ever flat I could find and took the hills very slow...

I believe we covered 7 hills in each lap and had a total elevation gain of nearly 10,000 feet. The course was beautiful as all the leaves were changing colors. I really just had fun running the thing even though I was shit slow at 7:29. I actually thought about pulling at 25k because the hills were killing my back but I thought now way and I wanted the sweet North Face Finishers fleece.

Shelley rocked with a 5:08 but spent time trying to figure out the course on the second loop. There needed to put about twice the signs up that they had. The course marking was shit.

Shelley was 2nd female and 11th OA...there were 4 guys from the New Balance Mountain running team so the front was really stacked.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Fitness Festival.

Fuck me. 4880 feet of climbing x2. I truly thought that my knees were going to blow.

Too tired to post more but will in the next couple daze

Friday, October 24, 2008

Are We Fucking Crazy?

As Shelley and I head to Missouri this afternoon for the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Fitness that is a long name...50k I again question my/our sanity. Not that we do more than many of our friends but we have this race on Sunday...then next week is a cross race...then the following another 50k. This will make 3 50k's for Shelley in 3 months...only two for me.

We have a friend who is funning 3-100's in like 4 weeks. I wonder how many people to this type of shit. I really can't be normal.

I am feeling awesome though and it seems that my last few runs have been awesome.

So here we go back into the mother fucker run!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Palo Duro 20k

What an amazing place to run. I will get some pictures up soon but I think that Palo Duro is the most majestic place I have ever run. Just so remote and stark. Fucking awesome.

The weekend was really cool. We camped out thur-sun. with Jamie and Andrea, Lauren and Marc got there on Friday. We spent a lot of time hanging out and catching up. Shelley and I really appreciate our friends.

Sat morning broke nice an cool and we got the start about the time the sun crested the rim of the canyon. Shelley was up front of course I started in the middle hoping to run a even race. I was really concerned about my calfs as they have started to lock up again. No worries, I was just going to cruise it. I settled in and went through mile 1 around 12:15. Cool if I run 12's I will be at that was goal #1. My calves weren't complaining and I was just loving the run...mile 2 around 11:35. Feeling awesome. Sun was warming things up and the trail was just perfect...miles were clicking off and I was beside myself with how good I was feeling. I was getting a few sub 11 miles but I told myself to hold back until mile 9 then we would run hard. I really didn't get passed at all once we spread out. My biggest fear was I would catch the nekked dude and not be able to pass him, causing me to run behind his naked ass for 4 miles. Thankfully I never saw him after the out and back. I got to the last aid station and started to push it. Mile 10 was 10:10 or so then mile 11 was 9:58 then mile 12 9:38...finish 2:13:27. Not fast but I really felt great the whole way. I was 52nd out of 188 total.

Shelley rocked and was 2nd female and 8th OA! Awesome day for her.
The Canyon....
A cool wall on the run course
Shelley and I taking a break running the day after the race...sore fucking legs!

Monday, October 6, 2008

46 years today

Wow man, I can't fucking believe I am this old. When did that happen.

I guess age is just a number because I still feel really good and there are many things that I still want to do before I slip off the deep end. There is so much to explore in mind, body and the world around me.

...but...the clock does tick on and on.

I guess it just goes back to making every moment count.

This weekend was an awesome for a birthday...ran 20 miles or so with friends at Turkey...then home for a quick shower and headed to McNeely's for burgers, many beers and shots, then Shelley and I stayed downtown so we didn't have to drive...up at 6:30 for an hour run at Turkey...

...what do you know the oldest of our crew was the only one other than Shelley to show up!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Last Crit of the Season

Last night was the final race in the series here in T-Town. I pretty much decided last week that I was only going to race once since my legs were beat to shit. We did some really long runs this weekend and I took Monday completely off. Yesterday morning I did a short run in the morning and my legs were complaining.

My shoulder is still sore, as well as my hand. I was concerned about my grip but it did bother.

Got to the race site and the director was late so it was a hurry up kind of warm up. The legs were not as bad as I feared. Got the line up and the whistle and we were rolling. The usual guys were there so I just sat in most of the way. Nothing really got shaking until 5 to go. Then an attack from some new guy. Covered easily. Crazy Ivan never came through which was different. I was holding 3rd wheel and sitting well.

We get two to go and I talked a guy into attacking and went with him. American flyer cuts me the fuck off but I hang onto his wheel. Excel sports guy's attack doesn't get a break so we are all together with one to go. Strange jersey guy goes with about a half lap...American Flyer guy and I stay with him. Last turn as we head the sprint...American Flyer guys goes way too fast and into the gutter...I kind of sat up and though what the fuck is he doing...about that time he fucking cranks it up and caught me napping. We both blow by Strange jersey guy and he takes the win.

Great way to end the season...

Monday, September 29, 2008

The question?

If Kurt's Big Fat ASS (TM) falls in the woods and nobody is around does it make a sound.

Flat Rock 25k RR....

The Flat Rock 25k/50k is billed as one of the hardest trail runs in the country. They base that statement on results of other races blah blah blah...they rank it as 4th hardest.

I don't know about all that but I will say this it was fucking hard really really fucking hard. After leaving the 1/2 mile of road that starts and finishes the race you are either running up or down...and you are ALWAYS running on rocks. Rocks fucking rocks on top of fucking rocks. There are so many fucking rocks I dreamed about fucking rocks last night. My feet feel like they have been beat with a ball peen hammer. My right thumb is bruised and torn from tip to the wrist and the x-rays say my shoulder is just so other than that I am just fine.

I did a 10-15 min warm up to see if I can keep my calves from blowing up in the first mile which is basically up hill on rocks.

We start off and I actually feel pretty good Shelley goes with the lead men and we make the first 1/2 pretty quick. Once in the woods it is straight up over the rocks. My calves were okay but I wasn't pushing the point with them so I settled in and made my way to the top of the ridge. I was hanging out in the top 10-15 and I was feeling kind of good about my chances to get a top 10 (36 starters I believe). The trail is beautiful as it follows the shore line of Elk Lake. I really like the trail even though it was seriously hacking at my will to live. I was making fair time...took a break to pee and got passed about a 1/2 dozen people. Then I get the fucking choo choo man behind me. Holy SHIT this dude ran like a fucking steam engine...huff puff huff puff...I was thinking about just kicking his ass off a Cliff but decided to let him go in front at the first aid station.

The lead runner comes by going the other way then I am looking for Shelley in hopes she is leading at doing well. I see the 4th place male then Shelley she is looking great and has about a 10 minute lead over second. I figure I am in about 15th or so at the turn and I am feeling awesome so I pass a couple and head for home.

Just like my race a couple weeks ago my calves/Achilles start feeling much better at about 1:30 on the clock. I hit the turn about 1:41.

I was ready to go hunting...I get through the only open section I had seen all day and back to the woods...them BLAM-O FUCK THAT hurt! My right hand is bleeding like a MO-FO and I am trying to feel to see if my collarbone is still intact. I believe it is but my shoulder and hand hurt like a mother. Oh, and yes when my BFA falls in the woods it makes a lot of noise...mostly in the form of...........OH FUCK THAT HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never really recovered from the fall. I was able to sling my arm in my camlebak strap and I just sort of hobbled back in. I was like 18 out 36 starts and had a crap time of 3:50 and change.

This course is freaking hard but fun...

Shelley won the woman's side and was 3rd overall. She set a new course record by like 2 minutes...she is on a roll!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I am about as sick of this election shit as I can get. I have had a few friends ask my opinion then get seriously offended when I gave it. I guess all in all I am an anarchist. I don't what the govt. fucking with me about anything. If I want a hooker, leave me the fuck alone, if I want to smoke pot, leave me the fuck alone, if I want an abortion, leave me the fuck alone. Obviously all of these things can be hurtful to society but won't society correct those things all by themselves? Why does the govt. have any say so in it at all?

My biggest question right now is how can a person who is a professed "Christian" reconcile arming themselves? I have a friend who is born again and seriously the only thing they love more than Christ is their gun. That is just hard for me to understand. What happened to love thy neighbor, meek shall inherit the earth, turn the other cheek.

I guess it was bound to happen

Tues was crit night and for the first time this season I just didn't feel good and felt toasted. I guess the long runs over the weekend caught up with me. I raced the C's and was third but I really didn't race that well. I stayed out of the wind most of the time and when it came time for the sprint my legs were just toast.

I lined up at the back of the B's but since it is getting darker earlier they combined the A's and B's. We took off like someone stuck a rocket up our ass. My legs were fucking screaming. I knew I had to move up or get popped being the yo-yo. I would get up a couple people then get blown off the back...after about 20 min I just pulled out. I was spent. So I was/am pretty dissapointed. I gues I shouldn't be as I am only one of a couple that do two races a night. I did feel better seening all the other people who got blown up.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend Trip to Mt. Magazine and Devils Den in AR

Great running this weekend in Ark. I am still worried I am not getting enough real long runs in. I think my longest has been like 3:30. With the 50k coming in a month I need to get at least two longer than 5 hours. We'll see how it goes.

Saturdays run was on the Cove Lake trail to a fire road down at the bottom of Mt. Magazine. You lose like 1700 feet in 3 miles...which means you gain it coming back which we did but on the road (309) it was actually 5 miles all up hill.

I helped this little guy off the road. He was pissed and scared the shit out of Shelley. Check the rattles there are 16 of them he was an old buy and really beautiful.

Soaking the feet during a long run

Shelley loves butterflies. They are every where

Waterfalls all over the place.

Vew from the top! It is awesome

Shelley and I at the top!

Great weekend we spent Sunday running at Devils Den.

Crit night tonight

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sometime Two Is Not A Good Thing

Tuesday night crits and the fun that is max heart rate. I hit max=175

After not being able to race the crits the past two weeks I was really jazzed to get to the race. The weather was perfect except for a little wind in the back straight of the dreaded "horseshoe" course set up. I figured I would race the C's and the B's since I was so stoked to race. The plan was to race the C's fairly easy and not work then race hard in the B.

We get the call to the line and I take the front middle. I usually stay back but thought what the fuck. We get the whistle and of course everyone lines up behind me. So I decide then and there that this is going to be attack day. We make one lap and I go. Get a small gap then sit up…let a dude pull through…go again…..nose in the wind….sit up….go again…I have a friend in the pack who is a strong female cat 3 and we work together so we start taking turns attacking and holding the pack back…some dickweed keeps sitting in every time we get a gap so she starts giving him crap. I am laughing my ass off as she says "dude, f**king work a little so we can stay away" poor dude just looks at her like she is nuts…then she goes again. It was a blast but we were working very hard playing off the front. The guy the Lauren bitched at would get up front and start doing Kevin Costner American flyer shake and break moves…we looked at each other and said WTF is that all about. I just needed to hear Alexandra Paul yell "WHEEL SUCKER" and the picture would have been set.

We get 5 to go and crazy Ivan goes off the front. He does this every single race…so I jump behind him and American Flyer guy is on my wheel, followed by Lauren. The only person missing was Oregon Duck guy who won last week. I was keeping my eye out for him figuring he would jump. I sit in behind Crazy Ivan and fake a couple of attacks to see if Duck guy would come forward but he didn't take the bait. We were driving hard and had the field in a line. We get the bell I am second wheel, with American Flyer is there and Lauren has slipped back a few spots with Duck guy on her wheel. Just before the head wind section I hear Lauren yell GO! I knew the Duck guy was going. I catch his wheel as we turn into the wind and he is behind crazy Ivan…we hit the short turn section and I am third wheel…I finally am set up for the sprint…we hit the last turn and I get ready to go inside to sprint for the win…but American Flyer guy fucking dives into my line…I pull around and go to the outside around Duck guy and Ivan…fuckstick American Flyer takes the short side and I couldn't get in front of him at the line so I take second. Lauren beats Duck guy for third in the sprint.

Man it was fun controlling the race. I just wish I could have finished it off.

Now the second part.

I literally had about 1 minute to get to the line for the B race. The plan was to tailgate and move up after I recovered a bit. Some dude in the race is an ex-euro pro who rode the Giro back in the day. So of course we get the gun and everyone had to pull it out to prove how big theirs is and we are flying from the gun. I am in the back 5 or 6 which is fine but we are riding like a Duncan yo yo. The pace gets reasonable and I try to move up. I get mid pack and things get nuts again. I am back in the back…this goes on for the whole race…I am about to pull the plug but I see the 5 to go sign and decide to see if I can hang on…we get the bell and I said screw it and go hard trying to move to the front then I swear it was like I got unplugged. You could have heard the pop and I was done…I got on back and cruised in the last 1/3 of a lap eating bar tape. Man it was good but it was so freaking hard.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

FUCK MY LEGS ARE GONE...was all I could think about for the first hour and a half of yesterdays Turkey and TATURS trail race...I was running the 25k and LMS was running the 50k.

With Ike pissing rain like it was Noah's day it was shaping up to be a mud hole. I predicted no rain and sunny on Sunday and I nailed. The day dawn beautifully. We had spent Sat. marking the trail and doing a little clean up. I was really looking forward to a nice long run. My legs have been trashed from all the training I have been doing and this was the standard no taper taper for the run...shit it is only 25k anyway.

The Turkey Mountain course is basically roots and rocks on top of roots and rocks...with short steep climbs with some roots and rocks. In other words dump 3 inches of rain on some roots and rocks and you pretty much have the course.

Shelley got started before first light and her little headlamp bounded into the distance. We got lined up and I hadn't warmed up at all. I figured the first few miles of trail would be packed and have us walking so I would get my legs warmed up fine. I have been having issues at the start of my runs and my calves Achilles just lock/cramp/fucking explode.

We hit the first up and it was as if I was getting hit in the Achilles by a pissed of midget with a baseball bat...I knew I was fucked. OH man it hurt. I could almost run the flats but if the ground went up I was hosed. I was reduced to a walk almost from the start. Man, I got depressed as a motherfucker. Like a dip shit I kept trying and trying but my calves heals just wouldn't let go. I was sick to my stomach it hurt so bad...after about 1:20 it just sort of got better like all of a sudden. My spirits were immediately lifted. I thought just cruise it until 2 hours and if you still feel good run as hard as you can for an hour and see what happens.

Around 1:55 I see our friend Dee on a lower trail, I decided to take off to see if I can catch her...I pass my friend Bob and hit the switch back to the trail I saw Dee on...there is a log across the trail I do by best hurdle catching my toe on it of course and splat...yard sale on the trail...dumbass...I hop back up and catch Dee...we chat briefly and I am now on a mission.

One thing about sucking as a runner you have to take what you can get...I decided that I would not be passed in the last 1 hour plus to the finish line and I was going to pick off at least 10 people on the way home...

I was running like I was shot out of a cannon. The big hill or wall on the course is called lip buster cause someone fell face first on it thus splitting their lip...I saw 5 or sicks people starting the hill...I knew I could catch a bunch if I hauled...2 down 8 to go. I got to the top of lip buster and there were 3 more dudes just starting down the long decent to pipeline...I was on them in about a 1/4 mile...5 down. Feeling like I was flying...hit a few switch backs and get a couple more...7 down...came around a blind corner and saw a group of 5...see ya later...12...I had less than a couple miles to go and I see Shelley heading out for her second loop and she was IN FRONT and smiling! I was so proud to see her in the lead and cruising. I see the second place female about 5 minutes later. I was hoping Shelley could keep it together and not let her sneak up. I wind up catch 5 or 6 more before the finish which was a 3:21 suck time but man the last half was so awesome.

I started my re hydration process with beer and sit around waiting on LMS to make the turn home...A few of the men's 50k guys are coming in..the first guy won by about 30 min. then second then a couple more...then SHELLEY! She was 10th OA and 1st Female! Second would not come in for another 36 minutes.

Great day on the trails!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Man, where has the time gone. It has been two weeks since my last stream of shit here.

Lots has been going on. Doing some big runs, racing the crits, getting ready for a 25k tomorrow.

Work has been a huge PIA due to this being budget time. I won a couple battles last week with the bean counters which is always fun.

OK I have to get on my trainer for a little while. I will post up some pic's from our camping trip to Arkansas from a couple weeks ago.

Friday, August 29, 2008

No you don't rawk

Saving this Tri Drs post for prosperity

"When you're stuck sitting in a comfort zone, small problems become magnified. Get out of your comfort zone, touch the edge, and you come back with an appreciation for life." - Barbara Warren, 1943-2008

From AdventureCORPS News.

Rest in peace Ms. Warren, didn't know her but like the way she thought...from what I gather she still thought this way at 65 years of age at least I hope she did.

I pitched out a little friendly shot at my boy Mr. Mina. As always he caught it. As always thanks for being the straight man mate and setting me up to put this out there...

When I told Mark Seale I was going to retire from triathlons...again...he said you will miss it and will be back. Well the truth was I already was missing it even while racing it. I will be back I am sure but it might be awhile. A little about me...I ain't squat as an athlete when you compare times to people who actually have a gift of speed. What I have is a burning desire to push. Just to find out where the f**k is the edge. I want to know what it feels like to push to complete exhaustion. I want to race so hard that I literally think I am going sh!t my pants in a three up sprint during Cat 5 race. I want to run across places so f**king remote that if I get hurt there is a high likelihood that some very bad sh!t could happen. I refuse to settle for oh here is your nice participation ribbon you rawk. F**K THAT! We are athletes, we should demand from one another that we go out and do things that others dare not try. Does that mean doing stupid things no, does that mean dedicating the time, energy effort, that you have to great things YES. Does that mean I am better than anyone else who throws a leg over a bike or puts on running shoes no.

It really saddens me that races fill up in minutes, it really has changed since the first time I tried to get Amy Weiss to give me her coffee at IMUSA in 2000. We now have people who look to "fast" and "flat" as if there is magic in the finish clock time. That they will be transformed into immortality...f**K you. I used to be so intimidated when I showed up at IM with my fat butt. There were hundreds of ripped speed freaks concerned about going FAST! Not what kind of gadget they could buy to make them go faster. Now I am one of the skinny ones, I don't give two sh!ts if you are fat or skinny, fast or slow but your @ss better being putting the effort in to do the very best you can. We should demand that from one another and call BS when we see our brothers and sisters giving anything but there best since what we do is a choice.

Some of us on here have coaches...guess what they work for us. The Queen B said to me one time "I am going to give you some sick workouts" during one of our heated chats I said fine I will do double what you send. We should all look forward to the hard stuff! That is where the good stuff is. Sport is a non=lethal way to test yourself. If you don't want to take the test take your @ss back to the aerobics/body pump/spin whatever the hell is out there. Don't come to a competitive arena looking for a "YOU RAWK" cause guess what if you didn't put yourself on the didn't rawk.

Just sayin'

The Power or Prayer?

What does that really mean? This morning there was a whole news story about a community praying for god to heal some people who have come down with e-coli that they contracted from a restaurant in eastern Oklahoma. The really funny thing is that I ATE AT THAT FUCKING PLACE LAST FRIDAY...okay not real funny but...

The news story really is interesting...they were interviewing people who said "oh, yes I prayed for the people who got sick" so is praying like manual labor? I mean is it like building a barn?

So if the prayers work, does that mean that god made a mistake by allowing them to get sick in the first place? Does god do something and just kind of hangs out until we pray to reverse his decision? Or does he just miss some shit that is going on down here? Or is he just proving he is the boss and just fucking with us? I guess he could be real busy and just one step behind the devil and we are like a really crappy neighborhood watch for him.

Strange stuff.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Two Fer Tuesday

Okay for the past couple weeks I have been thinking about racing both the C and the B races at the crits. I have honestly just been scared to do it knowing that the pain would be more than I really cared to edure on a Tuesday evening. Last night that though struck me as funny. Me afraid to go out and hurt on a bike ride. Realization that you are being a puss is a funny thing. So with that I laughed as I included my name on the B race sheet as well as the C. I figured fuck it my legs hurt so bad from all the running I have been doing that I won't feel a thing.

I get a 30 min warm up and the legs were sore. My run total for Sat, Sun, Mon was over 5 hours.

We get to the line and get the go. As usual the whole race was a cluster fuck. From go a guy new guy jumps off the front...reel him in, another attack, reel him in, another attack, reel him in...I finally decided not to cover every fucking attack by myself so back it off a twitch and kind of take turns in the wind with a couple others, with 5 to go we are riding like someone stuck a torch up our ass and I am hanging on for dear life. There are 4 of us in the chase but we never caught the one up and pulled up for a 5th place. I just had no crank in the legs...

I have about 30 seconds to get a drink and line up for the B's. BAM! Go shit here we go again! I was figuring to hang with the B's off the back and once I got popped I would call it a night...1st couple of laps I am in the top 5-8 feeling pretty few laps....still in there...attacks are going and I am still in the chase for a half dozen more and we bridged the last attacks...get 5 to go and we are chasing the break away down...we might have a chance...1 to go and we catch the break...a second later they are back up the road...shit! I missed the jump...spin around and cross the finish line! I think I was 8th or so.

I was totally and completly blown man did it feel good. I got lots of dude, good job with both races comments.

JFR boys and girls

Monday, August 25, 2008

Seriously my fucking head is going to explode.

I really need to stop reading slowtwitch. It has to be some sort of fucked up addiction. With the exception of a few the people on that site are the most mental people I have ever seen. Fucking stressing over the most minute details of shit. I swear for no other reason reading the crap on there will make me quit triathlon for ever. Everybody is an expert. Then reading the lavender room is about a fucking mess. I really need to stop looking at that train wreck.

fucking idiots


What a cool weekend. Shelley and I ran the Escape from Turkey Mountain, 5 mile trail race. Shelley did well top 5. I just felt like crap all morning and didn't run that well. I did go 53:12 I think which was better than the toe stumper 5 miler in March. Similar trail difficulty. After that we were going to go meet some friends for Breakfast but I went home and ran an additional 35 mintues, we got a call that some other friends needed 2 people for their Mud Run we raced twice in one legs were killing me. We did well in the Mud Run but for some reason we were scored indivdually instead of a 5 person team. Shelley was 4th I was like 88th out of 300 or some such. Total blast.

Had a nice 2:15 run on Sunday but my legs were no where near recovered from the day before...

Last week I put in 12:15 in training with 7 hours being running...I still can't drop a fucking pound. I actually ate well all week too...I give up

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesdays of Death

For some reason as of late Wednesdays have been giving me the eebjeebies. After riding my balls off in the Tues night crits and going for an easy spin on Wed mornings the Wed run with the TATURs is a killer. Generally we haul ass for the first hour then easy run the remaining 30-45 minutes. I have actually been hanging with the lead group but I swear my lungs are screeming.

Last night was no exception...we blazed the first hour and I was fucking dying but stayed with the fast group. My legs were toast! We saw a big momma deer, which is always a treat. After we got back to the parking lot we all decided to run a little more so we hooked down the red trail. I was thinking we were done but back in the parking lot Shelley and Vicki decide we need to do another loop. I sez um it is matter the three of us take off. By the time we get to the turning point I had busted my ass in the pitch black. We decide to take the power line trail back because it is direct and there aren't any trees the only problem is it is FUCKING ALL UP HILL mother fucker that hurt...we finished in total darkness with no illumination. What a great run!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Second race...

SAME FUCKING RESULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have discovered I am a great lead out man….for FUCKING everyone.

Last night I had a plan a good plan not like my orange slice candy and 50k plan but a real plan. The plan was to sit in and keep my nose out of the wind. Simple plan for a simple man. I need that right? So with the threat of rain there were only 9 or 10 of us in the C race. There were a couple new guys I hadn't seen the first race so I wasn't sure what to expect. I had a decent warm up and was ready to go.

I executed the plan to perfection…the first half of the race was just as I hoped. I stayed out of the wind and in 4-6th wheel as we all stayed together. There wasn't really any aggression to speak of but we were keep the pace pretty high. We get a little half way through and new guy from Arkansas decides to move…I covered it no problem and drug everyone with. We get the 5 laps to go and fat dude in Excel jersey makes a huge move. The group must have been in shock cause this dude is twice my size and can fucking ride. I figured since I chased the first attack down someone would chase this one down, assholes look around like someone farted in an elevator. So what does dipshit Kurt do…takes up the cause and goes across…then what does Fatfuckk do…SLOWS DOWN to a crawl…I said "dude ride!" fuckweed…says that is all I got…we nice but we still have three laps to go.

We get caught and with two to go I say screw it I am hanging on to blue shirt guy (he won last week) if my lungs shoot out my ass. We get the bell and we are freaking cranking away and into the last corner we go…I am on his wheel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think awesome I got his ASS. Then FUCK ME! The guy behind me jumps and it is a 3 up sprint…I am 3rd again! SHIT

Seriously ya'll should race them. The only thing better is cross and we all know that CROSS RULZ!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Games, what we do is nothing more than a game. I have been reading on ST and other sites and people take sport way too fucking serious. Of course we should train, race to do our best but there is no true standard of "our best". Fucking people bitch about the Bolts dude getting fired up or what ever need to get the fuck over it. Do I think these sprinters and BB thugs act like idiots...sure sometimes but that doesn't effect me one fucking bit.

Had a great weekend training the the TATUR's. Legs are good and I love to paly in the woods.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My legs My legs I can't feel my legs

First thing I have to talk about is "Dollar Chip Guy". We went to lunch after a meeting. We go to this dive Mexican restaurant and we are sitting at the bar. Guys comes in sits next to us. He starts bitch to the waitress who can't speak English real well. Well what do fuck stick Rednecks do when speaking to someone who to them English is a second language. Well the just talk LOUDER...the guy is fucking going on and on about a $1.00 for a second basket of chips and salsa. He looks over to our group and we have a couple extra baskets. He asked "Did you pay a extra for that"I had no idea but I couldn't help myself and responded yeah I think a buck. The shithook starts in again. I finally say here and hand him a one, I said dude if an extra basket of chips is going to make your day, I am buying. He gets pissed. I was cracking up big time. My group is looking at me like I am nuts. It was awesome. He did finally shut his cake hole.

Rode the trainer yesterday morning for an hour to spin out the crap that the crit injected into every pore.

After work Shelley and I met up with the local trail running club. I was thinking like a 45 min easy run...yeah right. We freaking hammer the first loop of the run which I thought would end our run for the day as Shelley said she didn't want to run very long...well then much to my surprise she said okay to doing a second loop!!!!!!!!!! OH SHIT my legs were fried but I was staying up with the lead group the whole way and I was really stoked about that. Even though my legs were killing me from the crits on Tues!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


something to write about...this is going to be long cause it has been like forever since I wrote...said like a 14 year old gymnast. Can you believe someone named their kid Nastia? Seriously.

The past couple weeks have been a little on the strange side. I go through these periods where I just seem to lose my center. You know all that yin yang stuff. I don't know really how to describe it but I just feel off...I really didn't want to train, I didn't really want to work, My weight had gone back up for some unknown reason...well okay I ate a shit load of salt is my guess and thankfully it is back to 195.6...I was supposed to race the crits in OKC last Wed but my car was being worked on and the fuck sticks stripped a bolt so they didn't get it done PLUS they got it done like 3 hours late so I didn't drive to the race.

Last weekend we headed to Ark to race a sprint Tri. I was pretty stoked to race it then Sat afternoon the rains started. Toads were choking like a mother fucker. It poured. Shelley was NOT game to do the sick descents and started to worry. We wake at 4:30 to drive to the race site and you could not see a fucking thing. I hit one water hole and the water was damn near mid way up my door. Shelley had this look on her face like "screw this". I told her to say the words and we would head home. I just love her so much she said "you can race, I will wait in the car". The pretty much made my mind up...we headed back home and called it a vacation. We did eat at Doe's Eat Place...spend $90 on a steak it was awesome. The place is rated #2 in the country by the food network. Really good stuff.

This really bothered me not to start the race. I have never gone to a race and didn't race. Shelley asked if I thought we made a good choice but how would you know. If we would have raced and crashed we would know that we made a bad choice but know way to know if it was a good one. Called Holloway and she of course said GOI (Get over it) I do love the Queen B

We cruised home and did a short run on the trails after a long nap. That part was awesome as well as every minute we spent together.

I started to find some balance this week and found out that there is a weekly crit series in Tulsa. A friends team puts it on.

So last night I get my first crack at a crit in a years time. Man I was half pucker assed worried that even in the 4/5 race these dudes have been riding racing all year and I would get lapped right off the bat.

The course is at a police driving range...this weeks set up was 8/10ths of a mile long, 8 turns with two long straights. There are about 12-15 in the C race of course no one I knew. The race was 30 min +/-

So we get the go and immediately two chicks from Tulsa Muscle head to the front...okay well then, take off an do the work went through my mind. I was going to sit in and try to hold on as long as I could. I was afraid I would get popped so I just sat in about 5Th wheel. The pace was pretty quick from the start but I felt really comfortable and was not really taking any turns out front. There were 5 or 6 people taking pulls but I kept my nose out of the wind as much as possible. About mid way through we get a bell for a preem lap and some dude goes off the front and three or four chase. I decide to go with them as I am feeling pretty good. We close on the guy but he gets the Subway sandwich preem. Looking back there were 6 of us with a pretty good gap. We all pretty much start working to see if we could stay away. That worked well for 3 or 4 laps then we started to slow since 3 of the 6 didn't want to work.

We get the 5 laps to go and things picked up for real. The field had caught back on and I was taking pulls with 3 others for the most part everyone else was tailgating. I didn't want to be second wheel but with 2 to go me and the other guy were pretty much pulling the field. I figured he would go in the last set of turns and I was cornering better than he was so I thought I would catch him in the last turn with about 100 meters to go...I let one dude pull through so I could work him on the into the wind straight. That dude touches a pedal and bounces about 3 feet into the air...shit I am back in second wheel and that dude leading makes a big move and gets 20 meters on me. SHIT, I don't think I can bridge and now I am pulling the field...with 3 turns to go I figure I am screwed so I jump. Hit the last turn with 50 meters to go and FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! a chick that was stuck to my wheel comes around and my leg are FUCKING GONE I thought I was going to shit my pants trying to hold her off but it wasn't to be.

All in all I had a blast and it feels like my head is back on right.

Ahhhhhhhhh me loves the crits

Monday, August 4, 2008

Stupid Fucking Hot

I can not wait for this weather to crack. Today will be day 5 of temps over 100. Training is awesome but that is about it. Train...then pass out the rest of the day.

OK, I am fucking depressed and pissed. Is it possible to be both? On Thur I weighed in at 184.6 over a pound below my goal for the week. I knew the weekend was going to be a challenge diet wise since we were going to be out for most of the weekend. I guess I blew it with a hamburger and fries at lunch on Sat but that was after 2.5 hours of hard riding. I KNOW I was in a calorie deficet this weekend but this morning...199.6 FUCK ME. No way I gained 5 fucking pounds. I am going to hope that I am holding water since we did have some salty foods this weekend and yesterdays run in the heat was brutal for 1.5 hours. The trails were awesome though.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yippy Ki A mother fucker!

Had my first run post IM last night. It was a freaking blast. Went with a group out and ran 50 minutes in woods. It was fucking Africa hot but I loved every step nothing really hurt but I could still feel Ironman in my legs that was only 10 short days before. I was almost DFL but it was so good just to be out there moving. I am so looking forward to trail season.

OH and 195.8 this morning. I am surely dehydrated but still that was the number on the scale

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


.6 lbs to go for the week. Good clean meals and training. I will be below 190 soon.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Smart Guy

A friend and I were exchanging emails about triathlon. In the end he said "we are lucky men to have such pursuits". This is exactly the essence that I try to pass on to every person I meet. We, those in pursuit of fitness, find the good things in life. Actually we don't find them they present themselves to us...we just have to be aware so that we can enjoy them

This guy understands...

We should quickly seize enlightenment while we still have the chance. In much less than a century all of us will be dead. We cannot be sure that we will be alive even tomorrow. There is no time to procrastinate. I who am giving this teaching have no guarantee that I will live out this day.-His Holiness the Dali Lama

Monday, July 28, 2008

Addiction or Obsession?

I seriously don't know what the fuck is wrong with me. I am totally craving training. I really just can not get enough. Normally after IM I take a couple weeks off to be lazy, eat too much and drink too much. This year I am totally amp'd to train. I waited until Friday but I couldn't hold out any longer. I jumped in the water for an easy 1100 yards and was on the trainer for 45 min. The legs feel great. So this weekend I rode two hours on Sat then again on Sunday. I swam after the ride on Sat but yesterday I ran 10 min off the bike then headed to the pool for an easy 1200. Feels awesome.

Time to work on my nutrition...196.8 this morning. I really want to be 185. 1 lb a week is the goal.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Faces and Places not the times of the races.

We are finally back from LP and my work emails are caught up for the most part. I have got a nights sleep or two so I suppose it is time to reflect on the training, the race and even more importantly the friends I made along the way.

Man what a blast. I had about 3 pages of crap written about training, race execution blah blah blah...but delete is what it said to me. Basically since IMCdA I...changed jobs, moved twice, had shingles once, the flu once, colds a couple times, and trained 425 hours in the past 12 months.

What does that get you on the clock...13:23 and I am fucking-A satisfied with that.

Now for what is really important. I HAD A FUCKING BLAST! I smiled the whole swim, I laughed for about 101 miles of the bike, I enjoyed the run.

The best part.....friends. We saw many old friends and that is always a good thing. Bummed I didn't get to spend time with every one. Makes me miss my Austin crew. We were fortunate enough to meet up with Ed Wong and his Canadian mob. What a fucking blast the laughs were non-stop.

Above would be Greg and Fran...she just loves screaming little shits. Greg had a great race. Again we are fortunate to have been able to spend time getting to know them better.

The crew from Left to right....Me, Christina She-rah Princess of Power...The Pissin' Mick Irene, LMS in front, Ed the Geek, Elaine ain't gonna die.

A huge thanks to Karen Holloway who put up with me the past few months even being pregnant. And of course LMS for being there every step of the way.

To all our friends...thank you

Monday, July 14, 2008

Game Time

Dang it has been awhile.

Well it is almost in the books, all that is left is some travel some easy spins, swims and jogs then the race itself. It has taken awhile but the pre-IM thoughts are finally starting to creep in to my head...have I done enough...what if it I have my nutrition right...etc etc etc...I am also dreading the Sat before the race...frantic to get transition bags packed...get bike checked would think that after doing these as long as I have that it would be an easy deal but for some reason I never seem to feel comfortable on Sat before the dance.

All in all I feel pretty good going in this pressure since honestly this one is the victory dance as it will be a few years before I am back to IM's. That is a little bitter sweet but I am really happy with the decision.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rant time!

Okay boys and girls it is time for a good ole uncle Kurt rant...are you ready? I hope you are....

As I get close to what I hope will be my last Ironman/triathlon in a long time I have asked myself what it is that has gotten me to this point. I do this a lot simply because I wonder about all the little things/moments/seconds that lead a person to a decision or behavior.

One of the things that is certainly aiding in the effort to get to more simple sports endeavors is the amount of bullshit people have to play at swimming biking and running. Garmin's, Ipods, powertaps, SRM's, all this shit to play at being fit.

Swear at the starting line at a 5k this year I saw a woman with a fucking garmin, a big honking fucking ipod thing, a fucking fuel belt, and of course her racing chip. How much shit do you need to fucking run for 20 minutes. I bet she was hauling 10lbs of shit.

Same with Ironman and us dork fuck triathletes...Spend $7000 on the most aero fucking light bike that Joe Shit the rag man pro is riding...then for the race...and I don't care if it is a sprint or a IM we load that fucker up with a aero bottle in the handle bars, two 20 oz bottles on the frame...two more behind the seat...a bento box full of crap.

A good friend was racing LP with me a few years ago...she went through and hacksawed off about 3 inches of her handlebars to and I swear "drop some weight"...then proceeded to put 4 bottles and her areo bottle on her bike. 10 lbs of shit. I asked her if she knew that they hand out water and crap on the course. She didn't want to have to stop...I told her for the weight of one water bottle she could have kept her handlebars whole.

Just Fucking Ride

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Woke at 4 am this morning. I was unable to quiet my mind so sleep would not come back to me. No worries, I hate to sleep anyway I always look forward to what the new day will bring or it could be that I am afraid clowns will eat me. To me there is so much wonder in a sun rise. I constantly hear people say..."I wish it was Friday". This is pretty common on Monday mornings at work...when I hear that I always say "don't wish your life away there are 5 days between now and Friday what are you going to do with them?" I never get an answer just a look of bewilderment.

What does this have to do with being ready to race? I really don't have a flippin' clue but when I woke this morning I really felt ready mentally. I have done what I can physically. As with every Ironman I always wish I could have done more, been more consistent blah blah blah...but at least now I am ready for the day mentally.

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Office

OK I don't really know how the hell I happend here but today was move into the new office day. I am so stoked! Corner office with two walls that are glass...view isn't awesome but at least it is outside! I just saw a dude from the Tulsa Wheelman ride by...fucker I should be out riding

Speaking of riding the tri bike is in the mail to lake placid...that means the time is very near. Had some good training this weekend...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Baby is Okay

Spent the day with Boo...I am so thankful she is alive. Bruised battered and way shaken but she is alive. It has been one hell of a couple days. As the world reaches out and makes/allows (?) me to touch mortality once again I walk away with a deeper sense of me and my place...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Can one person make a difference?

Let me answer that before I go on...Yes I believe so and I think it has been proven many times. That being said...FUCK YOU fat ass dip shit redneck in your POS new little PT cruiser looking motherfucking car! OK I feel better now.

Finishing up my 6 hour ride today Fat as and her fat ass husband think it would be cute to show their kids something funny...lay on the horn behind the bike they drive off...You should have seen the look on their collective fat fucking faces as I caught them at the light...

Conversation goes...

Me...Sorry was I in your way?

Fat Bitch...yeah get off the fucking road

Me...seriously? We are supposed to share the road.

Fat Bitches husband...We pay taxes do I and I would bet that I am in a higher tax bracket that you

Fat need to get off the fucking road.

Me...You are really teaching you kids a fine less there you fat bitch

OK I went way beyond whar is acceptable but man I was just fed up with redneck fucks for the day.

Then as I am getting my shoes on for my transition run...another family of fat fucks gets in their truck to leave the trail parking lot but before they do...out of the door comes a half a trash sack of MacDonald's shit blowing across the parking lot.

I really try not to let these things bother me but today was just one of those days.

Great 6 hour ride and 20 min T run but man I was fed up with my fellow human this afternoon.

So...can we do anything to change the minds of those who see the world through selfish eyes? I sure hope so.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What day is it?

I'm so tired I forgot my name...common theme that last few and training is at all time high's right now. I feel good but sleepy just need to kick these next 10 days in the ass and all will be well.

Had a good swim at lunch and have a track work out scheduled for tonight in the fucking heat. That should be good. bwhahahaha

Thought for the day...all things have their place. For some reason that has really been on my mind as of late.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Now What ???

I swear I will never make it to the start of an Ironman healthy. Just won't fucking happen.

Going up the stairs last night I felt a pop in my foot. Not I am limping. Just fucking great.

Rode the trainer for 45min this morning to see how it felt and it didn't bother me so hopefully I will be okay to ride.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Me and My Shadow

Fuck it is hot. Well since I totally ate a turd at KS 70.3 last weekend I really needed to JFR and have a solid weekend. My confidence has taken one hell fo hit.

So this weekend I just needed to ride by myself not worrying about dropping anyone or getting dropped just me and some road. I took off west planning on an easy 5 hours and that is exactly what I wanted to do. Easy spin in the hills followed by short T run.

Yesterday was a 3 hour run and a short swim (1500). LMS and I talked about getting up early but that didn't work out. We hit the asphalt at 9:30 and the heat index was already in the 90's. I felt okay until the last 20 min or so then I started to die. Not a bad run at all...

Life is good

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I need a nap

I need a fucking nap. I just fell asleep at my computer. Swam a good 2500 at lunch. I am running an easy 30 min after work. I might need a 40 of RedBull to get me cranked up.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A New Day

I love meetings! Spent the day in a staff meeting...Fucking Captain Obvious agrees with everything the VP me bat shit.

Any way I took a couple days off of training Mon (planned) and yesterday lazy...had a very solid 2 hour ride/15 min T run. I don't know why but man I felt gret.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


What the fuck was that?

I guess Karen MIGHT have been right. I should not have done this freaking race. Maybe...

but...I wanted to.

Shingles are some painful sumbitches. I have been in pain since the 3rd of June. A couple rounds of steroids and anti-viral meds. I pretty much trained through them...again not a good idea...with the exception of swimming. I really didn't feel bad until Thur and Fri of this week. Even LMS was concerned about me racing. I am hard fucking headed. I was beat down tired Thur and Fri but with Jamie and Fish coming into town I wanted to drink some beers and catch up. Fish cooked a big dinner for us all on Thur and it was a great time. I really miss my Texas peeps.

Friday was travel day and I was feeling really tired. I basically sleep all day Friday but never felt rested. Sat was packet pickup etc...shingles were acting like big fucking knives digging at my skin. We went out and swam at the race site but only for a couple minutes.

Race day:

Up at 4:15 am eat drive regular stuff...

Got a little warm up in the water hurried to the front of my wave and boom we were off.

I was stroking well and time seemed to be flying...I was in the middle of the wave ahead of me and felt like I was flying out of the water and FUCK :39 minutes what the hell...nothing to do but go...ran a bit through the sand to the TA. Got on the bike...I really just wanted to have a nice solid ride...hills hills hills...I have never been passed by so many people in my life. I was so fucking bummed out. I really wanted to just get off and forget the day. I seriously said "No way am I doing placid". My that sucked but I just sort of tried to do the best I could...

I saw a dude lying on the ground with his femur sticking out of his was pretty nasty. I have no idea how he crashed. The medical guys said his quad was ripped open but it wasn't a compound was nasty to say the least.

I also saw a dung beetle rolling a ball of shit across the road. That made me laugh. They are funny little critters...

Finally of the bike in like 3:07 by far my worst ever 1/2 split. I was totally embarrassed. I got off on the run and actually felt pretty good and was enjoying the run...about mile 8 a huge stormed rolled in and the temps dropped about 20 degrees...the down side was they pulled everyone off the course around mile I didn't get to finish the whole run.

Had a nice dinner with CLM and her dad and went back to the room early...I was asleep by 8:15 and didn't get up until 7:30 the next day. I was toast.

I am keeping the red wrist band they gave us as a reminder to get my shit together in the next 5 weeks. Karen chewed my ass out of at least a 1/2 hour about me doing this race. She was totally pissed and didn't cut me one inch of slack.

Fuck stupid

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Testing pic

LMS on top of Mount Scott...Lawton...23 min of climbing to get there...tough day in the saddle

In a year...

How the hell am I supposed to concentrate until I can get to the start of this race?

I am stoked out of my mind. It might be because of the 1/2 IM taper I am on. The shingles? Shit I don't know but it does remind me of that feeling I got watching the count down clock to my first Ironman in 2000.

It is good to have the feeling back...

On a snide fucking note...I hate when someone uses the phrase..."I was on pace to blah blah blah...PR" then DNF's or blows...a little tip for were not on pace to do shit unless you get it done..if you blow that is what is the result of the so called fucking stop it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Since LMS and I made the decision to sign up for Desert RATS

next year I really feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders...I love Ironman that much is a given but in the 10 years I have been racing and training IM's it seems that it has become more and more of a participatory sport. I think that is a GOOD thing for those who wish to find fitness and a lofty goal...but...I want to be out there looking into the unknown...wonder if I will make it.

I am 40 days out from IMUSA at Lake Placid. Time to focus and race well. I will return to IM racing soon enough but for now I want to be out there.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The level of boredom that will be reached here will be of epic proportions. If by some chance you have consciously stumbled on this place on the Internet leave a note of encouragement or animosity. These ramblings are for all to see and few to understand...

I decided to start this even though I think blogging or whateverthefuck it is call is stupid and selfish. I just want to make notes.

So there you have it.