Friday, August 29, 2008

No you don't rawk

Saving this Tri Drs post for prosperity

"When you're stuck sitting in a comfort zone, small problems become magnified. Get out of your comfort zone, touch the edge, and you come back with an appreciation for life." - Barbara Warren, 1943-2008

From AdventureCORPS News.

Rest in peace Ms. Warren, didn't know her but like the way she thought...from what I gather she still thought this way at 65 years of age at least I hope she did.

I pitched out a little friendly shot at my boy Mr. Mina. As always he caught it. As always thanks for being the straight man mate and setting me up to put this out there...

When I told Mark Seale I was going to retire from triathlons...again...he said you will miss it and will be back. Well the truth was I already was missing it even while racing it. I will be back I am sure but it might be awhile. A little about me...I ain't squat as an athlete when you compare times to people who actually have a gift of speed. What I have is a burning desire to push. Just to find out where the f**k is the edge. I want to know what it feels like to push to complete exhaustion. I want to race so hard that I literally think I am going sh!t my pants in a three up sprint during Cat 5 race. I want to run across places so f**king remote that if I get hurt there is a high likelihood that some very bad sh!t could happen. I refuse to settle for oh here is your nice participation ribbon you rawk. F**K THAT! We are athletes, we should demand from one another that we go out and do things that others dare not try. Does that mean doing stupid things no, does that mean dedicating the time, energy effort, that you have to great things YES. Does that mean I am better than anyone else who throws a leg over a bike or puts on running shoes no.

It really saddens me that races fill up in minutes, it really has changed since the first time I tried to get Amy Weiss to give me her coffee at IMUSA in 2000. We now have people who look to "fast" and "flat" as if there is magic in the finish clock time. That they will be transformed into immortality...f**K you. I used to be so intimidated when I showed up at IM with my fat butt. There were hundreds of ripped speed freaks concerned about going FAST! Not what kind of gadget they could buy to make them go faster. Now I am one of the skinny ones, I don't give two sh!ts if you are fat or skinny, fast or slow but your @ss better being putting the effort in to do the very best you can. We should demand that from one another and call BS when we see our brothers and sisters giving anything but there best since what we do is a choice.

Some of us on here have coaches...guess what they work for us. The Queen B said to me one time "I am going to give you some sick workouts" during one of our heated chats I said fine I will do double what you send. We should all look forward to the hard stuff! That is where the good stuff is. Sport is a non=lethal way to test yourself. If you don't want to take the test take your @ss back to the aerobics/body pump/spin whatever the hell is out there. Don't come to a competitive arena looking for a "YOU RAWK" cause guess what if you didn't put yourself on the didn't rawk.

Just sayin'

The Power or Prayer?

What does that really mean? This morning there was a whole news story about a community praying for god to heal some people who have come down with e-coli that they contracted from a restaurant in eastern Oklahoma. The really funny thing is that I ATE AT THAT FUCKING PLACE LAST FRIDAY...okay not real funny but...

The news story really is interesting...they were interviewing people who said "oh, yes I prayed for the people who got sick" so is praying like manual labor? I mean is it like building a barn?

So if the prayers work, does that mean that god made a mistake by allowing them to get sick in the first place? Does god do something and just kind of hangs out until we pray to reverse his decision? Or does he just miss some shit that is going on down here? Or is he just proving he is the boss and just fucking with us? I guess he could be real busy and just one step behind the devil and we are like a really crappy neighborhood watch for him.

Strange stuff.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Two Fer Tuesday

Okay for the past couple weeks I have been thinking about racing both the C and the B races at the crits. I have honestly just been scared to do it knowing that the pain would be more than I really cared to edure on a Tuesday evening. Last night that though struck me as funny. Me afraid to go out and hurt on a bike ride. Realization that you are being a puss is a funny thing. So with that I laughed as I included my name on the B race sheet as well as the C. I figured fuck it my legs hurt so bad from all the running I have been doing that I won't feel a thing.

I get a 30 min warm up and the legs were sore. My run total for Sat, Sun, Mon was over 5 hours.

We get to the line and get the go. As usual the whole race was a cluster fuck. From go a guy new guy jumps off the front...reel him in, another attack, reel him in, another attack, reel him in...I finally decided not to cover every fucking attack by myself so back it off a twitch and kind of take turns in the wind with a couple others, with 5 to go we are riding like someone stuck a torch up our ass and I am hanging on for dear life. There are 4 of us in the chase but we never caught the one up and pulled up for a 5th place. I just had no crank in the legs...

I have about 30 seconds to get a drink and line up for the B's. BAM! Go shit here we go again! I was figuring to hang with the B's off the back and once I got popped I would call it a night...1st couple of laps I am in the top 5-8 feeling pretty few laps....still in there...attacks are going and I am still in the chase for a half dozen more and we bridged the last attacks...get 5 to go and we are chasing the break away down...we might have a chance...1 to go and we catch the break...a second later they are back up the road...shit! I missed the jump...spin around and cross the finish line! I think I was 8th or so.

I was totally and completly blown man did it feel good. I got lots of dude, good job with both races comments.

JFR boys and girls

Monday, August 25, 2008

Seriously my fucking head is going to explode.

I really need to stop reading slowtwitch. It has to be some sort of fucked up addiction. With the exception of a few the people on that site are the most mental people I have ever seen. Fucking stressing over the most minute details of shit. I swear for no other reason reading the crap on there will make me quit triathlon for ever. Everybody is an expert. Then reading the lavender room is about a fucking mess. I really need to stop looking at that train wreck.

fucking idiots


What a cool weekend. Shelley and I ran the Escape from Turkey Mountain, 5 mile trail race. Shelley did well top 5. I just felt like crap all morning and didn't run that well. I did go 53:12 I think which was better than the toe stumper 5 miler in March. Similar trail difficulty. After that we were going to go meet some friends for Breakfast but I went home and ran an additional 35 mintues, we got a call that some other friends needed 2 people for their Mud Run we raced twice in one legs were killing me. We did well in the Mud Run but for some reason we were scored indivdually instead of a 5 person team. Shelley was 4th I was like 88th out of 300 or some such. Total blast.

Had a nice 2:15 run on Sunday but my legs were no where near recovered from the day before...

Last week I put in 12:15 in training with 7 hours being running...I still can't drop a fucking pound. I actually ate well all week too...I give up

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesdays of Death

For some reason as of late Wednesdays have been giving me the eebjeebies. After riding my balls off in the Tues night crits and going for an easy spin on Wed mornings the Wed run with the TATURs is a killer. Generally we haul ass for the first hour then easy run the remaining 30-45 minutes. I have actually been hanging with the lead group but I swear my lungs are screeming.

Last night was no exception...we blazed the first hour and I was fucking dying but stayed with the fast group. My legs were toast! We saw a big momma deer, which is always a treat. After we got back to the parking lot we all decided to run a little more so we hooked down the red trail. I was thinking we were done but back in the parking lot Shelley and Vicki decide we need to do another loop. I sez um it is matter the three of us take off. By the time we get to the turning point I had busted my ass in the pitch black. We decide to take the power line trail back because it is direct and there aren't any trees the only problem is it is FUCKING ALL UP HILL mother fucker that hurt...we finished in total darkness with no illumination. What a great run!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Second race...

SAME FUCKING RESULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have discovered I am a great lead out man….for FUCKING everyone.

Last night I had a plan a good plan not like my orange slice candy and 50k plan but a real plan. The plan was to sit in and keep my nose out of the wind. Simple plan for a simple man. I need that right? So with the threat of rain there were only 9 or 10 of us in the C race. There were a couple new guys I hadn't seen the first race so I wasn't sure what to expect. I had a decent warm up and was ready to go.

I executed the plan to perfection…the first half of the race was just as I hoped. I stayed out of the wind and in 4-6th wheel as we all stayed together. There wasn't really any aggression to speak of but we were keep the pace pretty high. We get a little half way through and new guy from Arkansas decides to move…I covered it no problem and drug everyone with. We get the 5 laps to go and fat dude in Excel jersey makes a huge move. The group must have been in shock cause this dude is twice my size and can fucking ride. I figured since I chased the first attack down someone would chase this one down, assholes look around like someone farted in an elevator. So what does dipshit Kurt do…takes up the cause and goes across…then what does Fatfuckk do…SLOWS DOWN to a crawl…I said "dude ride!" fuckweed…says that is all I got…we nice but we still have three laps to go.

We get caught and with two to go I say screw it I am hanging on to blue shirt guy (he won last week) if my lungs shoot out my ass. We get the bell and we are freaking cranking away and into the last corner we go…I am on his wheel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think awesome I got his ASS. Then FUCK ME! The guy behind me jumps and it is a 3 up sprint…I am 3rd again! SHIT

Seriously ya'll should race them. The only thing better is cross and we all know that CROSS RULZ!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Games, what we do is nothing more than a game. I have been reading on ST and other sites and people take sport way too fucking serious. Of course we should train, race to do our best but there is no true standard of "our best". Fucking people bitch about the Bolts dude getting fired up or what ever need to get the fuck over it. Do I think these sprinters and BB thugs act like idiots...sure sometimes but that doesn't effect me one fucking bit.

Had a great weekend training the the TATUR's. Legs are good and I love to paly in the woods.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My legs My legs I can't feel my legs

First thing I have to talk about is "Dollar Chip Guy". We went to lunch after a meeting. We go to this dive Mexican restaurant and we are sitting at the bar. Guys comes in sits next to us. He starts bitch to the waitress who can't speak English real well. Well what do fuck stick Rednecks do when speaking to someone who to them English is a second language. Well the just talk LOUDER...the guy is fucking going on and on about a $1.00 for a second basket of chips and salsa. He looks over to our group and we have a couple extra baskets. He asked "Did you pay a extra for that"I had no idea but I couldn't help myself and responded yeah I think a buck. The shithook starts in again. I finally say here and hand him a one, I said dude if an extra basket of chips is going to make your day, I am buying. He gets pissed. I was cracking up big time. My group is looking at me like I am nuts. It was awesome. He did finally shut his cake hole.

Rode the trainer yesterday morning for an hour to spin out the crap that the crit injected into every pore.

After work Shelley and I met up with the local trail running club. I was thinking like a 45 min easy run...yeah right. We freaking hammer the first loop of the run which I thought would end our run for the day as Shelley said she didn't want to run very long...well then much to my surprise she said okay to doing a second loop!!!!!!!!!! OH SHIT my legs were fried but I was staying up with the lead group the whole way and I was really stoked about that. Even though my legs were killing me from the crits on Tues!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


something to write about...this is going to be long cause it has been like forever since I wrote...said like a 14 year old gymnast. Can you believe someone named their kid Nastia? Seriously.

The past couple weeks have been a little on the strange side. I go through these periods where I just seem to lose my center. You know all that yin yang stuff. I don't know really how to describe it but I just feel off...I really didn't want to train, I didn't really want to work, My weight had gone back up for some unknown reason...well okay I ate a shit load of salt is my guess and thankfully it is back to 195.6...I was supposed to race the crits in OKC last Wed but my car was being worked on and the fuck sticks stripped a bolt so they didn't get it done PLUS they got it done like 3 hours late so I didn't drive to the race.

Last weekend we headed to Ark to race a sprint Tri. I was pretty stoked to race it then Sat afternoon the rains started. Toads were choking like a mother fucker. It poured. Shelley was NOT game to do the sick descents and started to worry. We wake at 4:30 to drive to the race site and you could not see a fucking thing. I hit one water hole and the water was damn near mid way up my door. Shelley had this look on her face like "screw this". I told her to say the words and we would head home. I just love her so much she said "you can race, I will wait in the car". The pretty much made my mind up...we headed back home and called it a vacation. We did eat at Doe's Eat Place...spend $90 on a steak it was awesome. The place is rated #2 in the country by the food network. Really good stuff.

This really bothered me not to start the race. I have never gone to a race and didn't race. Shelley asked if I thought we made a good choice but how would you know. If we would have raced and crashed we would know that we made a bad choice but know way to know if it was a good one. Called Holloway and she of course said GOI (Get over it) I do love the Queen B

We cruised home and did a short run on the trails after a long nap. That part was awesome as well as every minute we spent together.

I started to find some balance this week and found out that there is a weekly crit series in Tulsa. A friends team puts it on.

So last night I get my first crack at a crit in a years time. Man I was half pucker assed worried that even in the 4/5 race these dudes have been riding racing all year and I would get lapped right off the bat.

The course is at a police driving range...this weeks set up was 8/10ths of a mile long, 8 turns with two long straights. There are about 12-15 in the C race of course no one I knew. The race was 30 min +/-

So we get the go and immediately two chicks from Tulsa Muscle head to the front...okay well then, take off an do the work went through my mind. I was going to sit in and try to hold on as long as I could. I was afraid I would get popped so I just sat in about 5Th wheel. The pace was pretty quick from the start but I felt really comfortable and was not really taking any turns out front. There were 5 or 6 people taking pulls but I kept my nose out of the wind as much as possible. About mid way through we get a bell for a preem lap and some dude goes off the front and three or four chase. I decide to go with them as I am feeling pretty good. We close on the guy but he gets the Subway sandwich preem. Looking back there were 6 of us with a pretty good gap. We all pretty much start working to see if we could stay away. That worked well for 3 or 4 laps then we started to slow since 3 of the 6 didn't want to work.

We get the 5 laps to go and things picked up for real. The field had caught back on and I was taking pulls with 3 others for the most part everyone else was tailgating. I didn't want to be second wheel but with 2 to go me and the other guy were pretty much pulling the field. I figured he would go in the last set of turns and I was cornering better than he was so I thought I would catch him in the last turn with about 100 meters to go...I let one dude pull through so I could work him on the into the wind straight. That dude touches a pedal and bounces about 3 feet into the air...shit I am back in second wheel and that dude leading makes a big move and gets 20 meters on me. SHIT, I don't think I can bridge and now I am pulling the field...with 3 turns to go I figure I am screwed so I jump. Hit the last turn with 50 meters to go and FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! a chick that was stuck to my wheel comes around and my leg are FUCKING GONE I thought I was going to shit my pants trying to hold her off but it wasn't to be.

All in all I had a blast and it feels like my head is back on right.

Ahhhhhhhhh me loves the crits

Monday, August 4, 2008

Stupid Fucking Hot

I can not wait for this weather to crack. Today will be day 5 of temps over 100. Training is awesome but that is about it. Train...then pass out the rest of the day.

OK, I am fucking depressed and pissed. Is it possible to be both? On Thur I weighed in at 184.6 over a pound below my goal for the week. I knew the weekend was going to be a challenge diet wise since we were going to be out for most of the weekend. I guess I blew it with a hamburger and fries at lunch on Sat but that was after 2.5 hours of hard riding. I KNOW I was in a calorie deficet this weekend but this morning...199.6 FUCK ME. No way I gained 5 fucking pounds. I am going to hope that I am holding water since we did have some salty foods this weekend and yesterdays run in the heat was brutal for 1.5 hours. The trails were awesome though.