Tuesday, November 25, 2008

RIP Dr. Steve

Just found out that one of my teammates Dr. Steve was found dead this morning. Not sure what the cause of death was but man that is fucked up.

Tailwinds mate.

Monday, November 24, 2008

OK State Championsip Cyclocross...Tulsa Oklahoma

Sunday was OK CX State...while I was in no position to get a jersery I was hoping to be able to at least have ONE, ONE fucking decent CX race this season. Since we didn't run any 50k's this weekend and my training has been good but not stupid long...the possiblilty was there.

Sat I trained way more than I intended...2 hour trail run and an ez 1:45 on the trainer...I was only going to run 1 hour and ride the trainer one hour BUT the trail run was awesome and I was enjoying the beautiful fall day...then on the trainer I put in stage 6 of the 2006 TdF and was grooving with the pelaton...and kind of lost track of time.

No worries, got up Sun morning and spun on the trainer for 30min to wake up...ate a good breakfast and headed over to the race site. The course was a long son of a bitch...hell the 1's were turning 6:30 laps...one huge nasty run up...one long sand pit the rest would be blazing fast...warmed up another 30 minutes on the course and the legs were feeling pretty damn good. I had hope....

We get the call to the line and I am feeling it....we get Riders READY?!!!! Go...I take off with the lead group and we hit the first turn before the first set of baracades and BAM! Fucking rear tire blows. Shit less than 100 meters off the line and my sorry ass is running back to the pit saying fuck a lot. Get the rear changed out with pit wheels and go to the officials tent...no free lap? WTF we always get a free lap...I ask to hop back in where I left off which is what we were told to do but for some reason I get relegated back to after the freaking Jrs. pass...so I am a lap down after one...I get back in and just buried myself for as long as I could. I actually had a decent ride just too bad I was a lap plus down from the start.

Such is cross and the way my season has gone.

JFR and smile while you suffer

Monday, November 17, 2008


It has been 11 daze since my last post and a whole bunch of shit happened....road Cross at the night race in OKC....I was totally fucking blown...my legs were stupid tired...not just tired but that deep down fatigue that just sucks your will to live out. Does that stop me from going out and giving it 100% effort well hell no is the answer you are looking for there spot.

Let's see that was Thur Nov 6th. We were on our way down to the Rockledge Rumble 50k...Running two 50ks in two weeks is kind or stupid but I really was looking forward to it. Coming off the Bass Pro 50k I really thought I would run this thing well despite the cross race from hell on Thursday night. The course looked way easier the bass pro and I figured I was in better shape. I am such a dumb ass...

The race went okay but I was only 5 min faster then the Bass Pro race...Shelley won the woman's even though she had serious stomach issues. She was about 15 min slower but the course was much closer to 32 miles.

Yesterday was OKC cross and a beautiful day...I basically rode temp since I am really really fatigued

Great fun but my results...well they suck but I am having a blast.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I fucking suck! Holy Shit last Sunday was my first cross race of the season in OKC. Finally get to race the new cross bike...that I have only been on ONE FUCKING TIME since I got it.

The whole week following the Bass Pro 50k I have been really really tired...by Friday I was thrashed and really just wanted to sleep. So...I bail at lunch and take a long nap. My temp is about 100 and I am feeling like hammered shit.

I planned on running 15 miles at McMurtry on Sat then race cross on Sunday. Sat was awesome and we got to McM in good time. I took off running the first loop before the rest of the crew. I actually stayed away the whole loop even after one piss and a crap stop. Does a bear shit in the woods? Fuck if I know but a Kurt does bwhahahaha. Any way I hammered out the first 7.5 miles feeling pretty good and running well. Got back to the car to wait on Shelley and the rest of the group and I crashed hard...I could barely keep my eyes open. I was spent. I tried to start another loop but decided to save what energy I had left for the cross race on Sunday.

We dicked around Sunday morning way too long I was getting pissed at Shelley since I really wanted to get to the race site early to help with set up and get a long warm up in. Well what do you know Matt fucking changed the start time to noon? What the fuck...so I had like 20 min to warm up. Finally the decision was made to start at 12:30...dipshits.

I warmed up with the PG-13 boys and was feeling so so. We got lined up and I was going to race the masters...problem is it is 35+. I looked around and every peckerhead on the line also races the A race and is or was at least a cat2. Where the fuck were the rest of the old fuckers. Shit...we are off...I am doing all I can on the first paved section to hang on...I am hoping the knives in my thighs would fall out...I was hoping the tunnel vision would soon open up...I believe there was blood dripping from my ears...shit I was hurting bad and we were on the first fucking lap.

I was staying close then on the second lap...bam...piss piss piss...my front tire goes flat. I didn't think we could cut the course to the pit so I road the loop with the front flat. I didn't want to roll the tire so I just plodded along getting lapped fuck I was pissed.

Get to the pit and the team wheels are already gone so I sit down to change the damn thing...I get back in the race after a couple laps down and I still didn't feel great.


No worries, racing a practice cross race tonight before heading to Dallas to run another 50k. We'll see how it goes. I feel better but now I am worried about my fitness.