Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yippy Ki A mother fucker!

Had my first run post IM last night. It was a freaking blast. Went with a group out and ran 50 minutes in woods. It was fucking Africa hot but I loved every step nothing really hurt but I could still feel Ironman in my legs that was only 10 short days before. I was almost DFL but it was so good just to be out there moving. I am so looking forward to trail season.

OH and 195.8 this morning. I am surely dehydrated but still that was the number on the scale

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


.6 lbs to go for the week. Good clean meals and training. I will be below 190 soon.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Smart Guy

A friend and I were exchanging emails about triathlon. In the end he said "we are lucky men to have such pursuits". This is exactly the essence that I try to pass on to every person I meet. We, those in pursuit of fitness, find the good things in life. Actually we don't find them they present themselves to us...we just have to be aware so that we can enjoy them

This guy understands...

We should quickly seize enlightenment while we still have the chance. In much less than a century all of us will be dead. We cannot be sure that we will be alive even tomorrow. There is no time to procrastinate. I who am giving this teaching have no guarantee that I will live out this day.-His Holiness the Dali Lama

Monday, July 28, 2008

Addiction or Obsession?

I seriously don't know what the fuck is wrong with me. I am totally craving training. I really just can not get enough. Normally after IM I take a couple weeks off to be lazy, eat too much and drink too much. This year I am totally amp'd to train. I waited until Friday but I couldn't hold out any longer. I jumped in the water for an easy 1100 yards and was on the trainer for 45 min. The legs feel great. So this weekend I rode two hours on Sat then again on Sunday. I swam after the ride on Sat but yesterday I ran 10 min off the bike then headed to the pool for an easy 1200. Feels awesome.

Time to work on my nutrition...196.8 this morning. I really want to be 185. 1 lb a week is the goal.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Faces and Places not the times of the races.

We are finally back from LP and my work emails are caught up for the most part. I have got a nights sleep or two so I suppose it is time to reflect on the training, the race and even more importantly the friends I made along the way.

Man what a blast. I had about 3 pages of crap written about training, race execution blah blah blah...but delete is what it said to me. Basically since IMCdA I...changed jobs, moved twice, had shingles once, the flu once, colds a couple times, and trained 425 hours in the past 12 months.

What does that get you on the clock...13:23 and I am fucking-A satisfied with that.

Now for what is really important. I HAD A FUCKING BLAST! I smiled the whole swim, I laughed for about 101 miles of the bike, I enjoyed the run.

The best part.....friends. We saw many old friends and that is always a good thing. Bummed I didn't get to spend time with every one. Makes me miss my Austin crew. We were fortunate enough to meet up with Ed Wong and his Canadian mob. What a fucking blast the laughs were non-stop.

Above would be Greg and Fran...she just loves screaming little shits. Greg had a great race. Again we are fortunate to have been able to spend time getting to know them better.

The crew from Left to right....Me, Christina She-rah Princess of Power...The Pissin' Mick Irene, LMS in front, Ed the Geek, Elaine ain't gonna die.

A huge thanks to Karen Holloway who put up with me the past few months even being pregnant. And of course LMS for being there every step of the way.

To all our friends...thank you

Monday, July 14, 2008

Game Time

Dang it has been awhile.

Well it is almost in the books, all that is left is some travel some easy spins, swims and jogs then the race itself. It has taken awhile but the pre-IM thoughts are finally starting to creep in to my head...have I done enough...what if it I have my nutrition right...etc etc etc...I am also dreading the Sat before the race...frantic to get transition bags packed...get bike checked would think that after doing these as long as I have that it would be an easy deal but for some reason I never seem to feel comfortable on Sat before the dance.

All in all I feel pretty good going in this pressure since honestly this one is the victory dance as it will be a few years before I am back to IM's. That is a little bitter sweet but I am really happy with the decision.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rant time!

Okay boys and girls it is time for a good ole uncle Kurt rant...are you ready? I hope you are....

As I get close to what I hope will be my last Ironman/triathlon in a long time I have asked myself what it is that has gotten me to this point. I do this a lot simply because I wonder about all the little things/moments/seconds that lead a person to a decision or behavior.

One of the things that is certainly aiding in the effort to get to more simple sports endeavors is the amount of bullshit people have to play at swimming biking and running. Garmin's, Ipods, powertaps, SRM's, all this shit to play at being fit.

Swear at the starting line at a 5k this year I saw a woman with a fucking garmin, a big honking fucking ipod thing, a fucking fuel belt, and of course her racing chip. How much shit do you need to fucking run for 20 minutes. I bet she was hauling 10lbs of shit.

Same with Ironman and us dork fuck triathletes...Spend $7000 on the most aero fucking light bike that Joe Shit the rag man pro is riding...then for the race...and I don't care if it is a sprint or a IM we load that fucker up with a aero bottle in the handle bars, two 20 oz bottles on the frame...two more behind the seat...a bento box full of crap.

A good friend was racing LP with me a few years ago...she went through and hacksawed off about 3 inches of her handlebars to and I swear "drop some weight"...then proceeded to put 4 bottles and her areo bottle on her bike. 10 lbs of shit. I asked her if she knew that they hand out water and crap on the course. She didn't want to have to stop...I told her for the weight of one water bottle she could have kept her handlebars whole.

Just Fucking Ride

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Woke at 4 am this morning. I was unable to quiet my mind so sleep would not come back to me. No worries, I hate to sleep anyway I always look forward to what the new day will bring or it could be that I am afraid clowns will eat me. To me there is so much wonder in a sun rise. I constantly hear people say..."I wish it was Friday". This is pretty common on Monday mornings at work...when I hear that I always say "don't wish your life away there are 5 days between now and Friday what are you going to do with them?" I never get an answer just a look of bewilderment.

What does this have to do with being ready to race? I really don't have a flippin' clue but when I woke this morning I really felt ready mentally. I have done what I can physically. As with every Ironman I always wish I could have done more, been more consistent blah blah blah...but at least now I am ready for the day mentally.

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Office

OK I don't really know how the hell I happend here but today was move into the new office day. I am so stoked! Corner office with two walls that are glass...view isn't awesome but at least it is outside! I just saw a dude from the Tulsa Wheelman ride by...fucker I should be out riding

Speaking of riding the tri bike is in the mail to lake placid...that means the time is very near. Had some good training this weekend...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Baby is Okay

Spent the day with Boo...I am so thankful she is alive. Bruised battered and way shaken but she is alive. It has been one hell of a couple days. As the world reaches out and makes/allows (?) me to touch mortality once again I walk away with a deeper sense of me and my place...