Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rant time!

Okay boys and girls it is time for a good ole uncle Kurt rant...are you ready? I hope you are....

As I get close to what I hope will be my last Ironman/triathlon in a long time I have asked myself what it is that has gotten me to this point. I do this a lot simply because I wonder about all the little things/moments/seconds that lead a person to a decision or behavior.

One of the things that is certainly aiding in the effort to get to more simple sports endeavors is the amount of bullshit people have to play at swimming biking and running. Garmin's, Ipods, powertaps, SRM's, all this shit to play at being fit.

Swear at the starting line at a 5k this year I saw a woman with a fucking garmin, a big honking fucking ipod thing, a fucking fuel belt, and of course her racing chip. How much shit do you need to fucking run for 20 minutes. I bet she was hauling 10lbs of shit.

Same with Ironman and us dork fuck triathletes...Spend $7000 on the most aero fucking light bike that Joe Shit the rag man pro is riding...then for the race...and I don't care if it is a sprint or a IM we load that fucker up with a aero bottle in the handle bars, two 20 oz bottles on the frame...two more behind the seat...a bento box full of crap.

A good friend was racing LP with me a few years ago...she went through and hacksawed off about 3 inches of her handlebars to and I swear "drop some weight"...then proceeded to put 4 bottles and her areo bottle on her bike. 10 lbs of shit. I asked her if she knew that they hand out water and crap on the course. She didn't want to have to stop...I told her for the weight of one water bottle she could have kept her handlebars whole.

Just Fucking Ride


Flatman said...

True. But I feel so naked without my polar and my footpod....and my ipod...

Run Kurt Run said...

LOL well dude, how can you not know how far you have gone in Houston? Flat 1 mile squares