Sunday, June 29, 2008

Can one person make a difference?

Let me answer that before I go on...Yes I believe so and I think it has been proven many times. That being said...FUCK YOU fat ass dip shit redneck in your POS new little PT cruiser looking motherfucking car! OK I feel better now.

Finishing up my 6 hour ride today Fat as and her fat ass husband think it would be cute to show their kids something funny...lay on the horn behind the bike they drive off...You should have seen the look on their collective fat fucking faces as I caught them at the light...

Conversation goes...

Me...Sorry was I in your way?

Fat Bitch...yeah get off the fucking road

Me...seriously? We are supposed to share the road.

Fat Bitches husband...We pay taxes do I and I would bet that I am in a higher tax bracket that you

Fat need to get off the fucking road.

Me...You are really teaching you kids a fine less there you fat bitch

OK I went way beyond whar is acceptable but man I was just fed up with redneck fucks for the day.

Then as I am getting my shoes on for my transition run...another family of fat fucks gets in their truck to leave the trail parking lot but before they do...out of the door comes a half a trash sack of MacDonald's shit blowing across the parking lot.

I really try not to let these things bother me but today was just one of those days.

Great 6 hour ride and 20 min T run but man I was fed up with my fellow human this afternoon.

So...can we do anything to change the minds of those who see the world through selfish eyes? I sure hope so.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What day is it?

I'm so tired I forgot my name...common theme that last few and training is at all time high's right now. I feel good but sleepy just need to kick these next 10 days in the ass and all will be well.

Had a good swim at lunch and have a track work out scheduled for tonight in the fucking heat. That should be good. bwhahahaha

Thought for the day...all things have their place. For some reason that has really been on my mind as of late.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Now What ???

I swear I will never make it to the start of an Ironman healthy. Just won't fucking happen.

Going up the stairs last night I felt a pop in my foot. Not I am limping. Just fucking great.

Rode the trainer for 45min this morning to see how it felt and it didn't bother me so hopefully I will be okay to ride.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Me and My Shadow

Fuck it is hot. Well since I totally ate a turd at KS 70.3 last weekend I really needed to JFR and have a solid weekend. My confidence has taken one hell fo hit.

So this weekend I just needed to ride by myself not worrying about dropping anyone or getting dropped just me and some road. I took off west planning on an easy 5 hours and that is exactly what I wanted to do. Easy spin in the hills followed by short T run.

Yesterday was a 3 hour run and a short swim (1500). LMS and I talked about getting up early but that didn't work out. We hit the asphalt at 9:30 and the heat index was already in the 90's. I felt okay until the last 20 min or so then I started to die. Not a bad run at all...

Life is good

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I need a nap

I need a fucking nap. I just fell asleep at my computer. Swam a good 2500 at lunch. I am running an easy 30 min after work. I might need a 40 of RedBull to get me cranked up.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A New Day

I love meetings! Spent the day in a staff meeting...Fucking Captain Obvious agrees with everything the VP me bat shit.

Any way I took a couple days off of training Mon (planned) and yesterday lazy...had a very solid 2 hour ride/15 min T run. I don't know why but man I felt gret.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


What the fuck was that?

I guess Karen MIGHT have been right. I should not have done this freaking race. Maybe...

but...I wanted to.

Shingles are some painful sumbitches. I have been in pain since the 3rd of June. A couple rounds of steroids and anti-viral meds. I pretty much trained through them...again not a good idea...with the exception of swimming. I really didn't feel bad until Thur and Fri of this week. Even LMS was concerned about me racing. I am hard fucking headed. I was beat down tired Thur and Fri but with Jamie and Fish coming into town I wanted to drink some beers and catch up. Fish cooked a big dinner for us all on Thur and it was a great time. I really miss my Texas peeps.

Friday was travel day and I was feeling really tired. I basically sleep all day Friday but never felt rested. Sat was packet pickup etc...shingles were acting like big fucking knives digging at my skin. We went out and swam at the race site but only for a couple minutes.

Race day:

Up at 4:15 am eat drive regular stuff...

Got a little warm up in the water hurried to the front of my wave and boom we were off.

I was stroking well and time seemed to be flying...I was in the middle of the wave ahead of me and felt like I was flying out of the water and FUCK :39 minutes what the hell...nothing to do but go...ran a bit through the sand to the TA. Got on the bike...I really just wanted to have a nice solid ride...hills hills hills...I have never been passed by so many people in my life. I was so fucking bummed out. I really wanted to just get off and forget the day. I seriously said "No way am I doing placid". My that sucked but I just sort of tried to do the best I could...

I saw a dude lying on the ground with his femur sticking out of his was pretty nasty. I have no idea how he crashed. The medical guys said his quad was ripped open but it wasn't a compound was nasty to say the least.

I also saw a dung beetle rolling a ball of shit across the road. That made me laugh. They are funny little critters...

Finally of the bike in like 3:07 by far my worst ever 1/2 split. I was totally embarrassed. I got off on the run and actually felt pretty good and was enjoying the run...about mile 8 a huge stormed rolled in and the temps dropped about 20 degrees...the down side was they pulled everyone off the course around mile I didn't get to finish the whole run.

Had a nice dinner with CLM and her dad and went back to the room early...I was asleep by 8:15 and didn't get up until 7:30 the next day. I was toast.

I am keeping the red wrist band they gave us as a reminder to get my shit together in the next 5 weeks. Karen chewed my ass out of at least a 1/2 hour about me doing this race. She was totally pissed and didn't cut me one inch of slack.

Fuck stupid

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Testing pic

LMS on top of Mount Scott...Lawton...23 min of climbing to get there...tough day in the saddle

In a year...

How the hell am I supposed to concentrate until I can get to the start of this race?

I am stoked out of my mind. It might be because of the 1/2 IM taper I am on. The shingles? Shit I don't know but it does remind me of that feeling I got watching the count down clock to my first Ironman in 2000.

It is good to have the feeling back...

On a snide fucking note...I hate when someone uses the phrase..."I was on pace to blah blah blah...PR" then DNF's or blows...a little tip for were not on pace to do shit unless you get it done..if you blow that is what is the result of the so called fucking stop it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Since LMS and I made the decision to sign up for Desert RATS

next year I really feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders...I love Ironman that much is a given but in the 10 years I have been racing and training IM's it seems that it has become more and more of a participatory sport. I think that is a GOOD thing for those who wish to find fitness and a lofty goal...but...I want to be out there looking into the unknown...wonder if I will make it.

I am 40 days out from IMUSA at Lake Placid. Time to focus and race well. I will return to IM racing soon enough but for now I want to be out there.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The level of boredom that will be reached here will be of epic proportions. If by some chance you have consciously stumbled on this place on the Internet leave a note of encouragement or animosity. These ramblings are for all to see and few to understand...

I decided to start this even though I think blogging or whateverthefuck it is call is stupid and selfish. I just want to make notes.

So there you have it.