Monday, March 30, 2009


I just sit in my office and think what the fuck is wrong with people. I hear more fucking bitching, complaining, whining that should be allowed by law...

Why am I noticing more and more of the people who just can't find one thing in there day that is good.

Just makes me sad.

Wake up people life is good

Good week

Week wound up being pretty training time was 14:15...Only about 5 hours running though...Snowed like a bitch on Sat and our sat trail run was more of a hike slog whatever...

Sunday's run was good. We got on the paved trail and go in 11 miles..we were running fairly fast for that distance at least for me...right at 9:30's. Felt pretty good surpisingly...

Going to try and get a solid week this week. It is going to be tough with all the crap going on...running the Lake McMurtry 50k the 4th of April....that will be 4 50k's in 4 months.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Crash week and the 6 hour Snake run...

I came up a little short on total hours but rocked the fuck out of the run! Feeling awesome...just hope Shelley can pull it together...

Report as follows

Today was the Tulsa Area Trail and Ultra Runners 6 hour snake run...easy peasy run for 6 hours...who ever runs the furthest wins...It is a 4 mile loop no real hills just a couple inclines...there is also a 1/2 mile loop once you get to the point you can't make a full loop or you just want to get in some odd miles...

I have been running a little bit lately and riding as is my training schedule since Sat 3/14

Bike 1:45
Run 2:00

Run 2:30
Bike 1:00

Bike :45
Run 1:15

Run 2:30 (split run)
Bike 1:30

Bike 1:45
Run 2:15 (split run)

Bike 1:30
Run :45


today the snake run 6 hours...I was a little worried that my legs were toast...I figured to try and get 24 miles in and call it good...I was running with our normal group and was really feeling fit...we made the first loop pretty slow but not in bad shape...same with the second...we started dropping people...then the third and more were pulling off...then the 4th mile 16 and we were down to a few of bud Glen and I are freaking laughing and cheering everyone we pass...the course loops back on it self so you get to see everyone...5th lap mile 20...and my legs are really feeling good...hmmmm might make 50k at this rate if I don't fall apart. My 50k pr is just over 6 hours...lap 6 and it is Glen and I the rest of our group has dropped off and we have been lapping people. We speculate that we are in the top 10 over all and no one is older than me up the trail....lap 7 and we are feeling as good as the first....we get back to the start finish but decided to run 6 loops of the 1/2 mile trail to get 50k in...this was a little more technical and my legs were really starting to hurt. We got 6 laps in in just under 5:46 a new 50k PR for me by 14 minutes or so. I decided to trot another lap finished with 31.5 mies in under 5:55.

I finished in 5th or 6th place and 1st masters I results yet as they really only do 1st male and female over all at the awards ceremony...there were just over 155 starters....

This is the first run I didn't suck at.

Nothing but a big grin after this it was good

Monday, March 16, 2009

Crash Week has begun...

Okay it is spring break here in Okie land...I am going to take Wed thru Fri off from work and put in some long training...My hope is to be north of 20 hours total...with at least 10 of that being a dip shit we signed up for a 6 hour trail race on Sat now I have to save some legs for that...I might take tomorrow as well...

So this morning was a 45 min spin to get the past two days of running out of my legs.

Hey looks like the fucking canadians are going to give us a break this week with their stupid shit cold weather....I love you KonaShelley :) I really do.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cold again

fuck you canada seriously fuck you.

Okay last weekend was Salt Creek crit...hilly, fucking wind blowing 40+ had a blast though and rode pretty well for the training. I was off the main group that went to the line but felt good after about the 3rd lap...I should have buried myself to stay on but my legs were having none of it. I flatted with 1 1/2 to go but I was lucky and only 20 meters from the pit...quick change of the tire and I killed to get back to the little group I was with. Wound up 29th out of 54...we had a ton of DNF's it was a tough race...

Good training this week but the fucking cold is bumming me week is spring break and my goal is to run 10+ plus hours...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring time already!

Shit I need some warm...serious full on sweat your ass off warm. I am sick if tights, I am sick of gloves, I am sick of stocking hats, I am sick of jackets.....

All is well in training land beside really wanting warmth. Good runs this weekend. I took my first run with by race pack and it had 102 oz of water...that shit is heavy.

Looks like I am going to race Salt Creek Circuit race this weekend. I have no stinking fitness so it should be embarrassing as hell.