Monday, March 23, 2009

Crash week and the 6 hour Snake run...

I came up a little short on total hours but rocked the fuck out of the run! Feeling awesome...just hope Shelley can pull it together...

Report as follows

Today was the Tulsa Area Trail and Ultra Runners 6 hour snake run...easy peasy run for 6 hours...who ever runs the furthest wins...It is a 4 mile loop no real hills just a couple inclines...there is also a 1/2 mile loop once you get to the point you can't make a full loop or you just want to get in some odd miles...

I have been running a little bit lately and riding as is my training schedule since Sat 3/14

Bike 1:45
Run 2:00

Run 2:30
Bike 1:00

Bike :45
Run 1:15

Run 2:30 (split run)
Bike 1:30

Bike 1:45
Run 2:15 (split run)

Bike 1:30
Run :45


today the snake run 6 hours...I was a little worried that my legs were toast...I figured to try and get 24 miles in and call it good...I was running with our normal group and was really feeling fit...we made the first loop pretty slow but not in bad shape...same with the second...we started dropping people...then the third and more were pulling off...then the 4th mile 16 and we were down to a few of bud Glen and I are freaking laughing and cheering everyone we pass...the course loops back on it self so you get to see everyone...5th lap mile 20...and my legs are really feeling good...hmmmm might make 50k at this rate if I don't fall apart. My 50k pr is just over 6 hours...lap 6 and it is Glen and I the rest of our group has dropped off and we have been lapping people. We speculate that we are in the top 10 over all and no one is older than me up the trail....lap 7 and we are feeling as good as the first....we get back to the start finish but decided to run 6 loops of the 1/2 mile trail to get 50k in...this was a little more technical and my legs were really starting to hurt. We got 6 laps in in just under 5:46 a new 50k PR for me by 14 minutes or so. I decided to trot another lap finished with 31.5 mies in under 5:55.

I finished in 5th or 6th place and 1st masters I results yet as they really only do 1st male and female over all at the awards ceremony...there were just over 155 starters....

This is the first run I didn't suck at.

Nothing but a big grin after this it was good


Kona Shelley said...

Look at you!

Run Kurt Run said...

Thanks I think? It was a blast!