Sunday, June 29, 2008

Can one person make a difference?

Let me answer that before I go on...Yes I believe so and I think it has been proven many times. That being said...FUCK YOU fat ass dip shit redneck in your POS new little PT cruiser looking motherfucking car! OK I feel better now.

Finishing up my 6 hour ride today Fat as and her fat ass husband think it would be cute to show their kids something funny...lay on the horn behind the bike they drive off...You should have seen the look on their collective fat fucking faces as I caught them at the light...

Conversation goes...

Me...Sorry was I in your way?

Fat Bitch...yeah get off the fucking road

Me...seriously? We are supposed to share the road.

Fat Bitches husband...We pay taxes do I and I would bet that I am in a higher tax bracket that you

Fat need to get off the fucking road.

Me...You are really teaching you kids a fine less there you fat bitch

OK I went way beyond whar is acceptable but man I was just fed up with redneck fucks for the day.

Then as I am getting my shoes on for my transition run...another family of fat fucks gets in their truck to leave the trail parking lot but before they do...out of the door comes a half a trash sack of MacDonald's shit blowing across the parking lot.

I really try not to let these things bother me but today was just one of those days.

Great 6 hour ride and 20 min T run but man I was fed up with my fellow human this afternoon.

So...can we do anything to change the minds of those who see the world through selfish eyes? I sure hope so.


Flatman said...

Good luck with all that. As a conservative guess, I would say 80% of people in the world don't give a shit and 50% of them are blatant assholes...

We're screwed.

Run Kurt Run said...

Yeah, that is ball park I am sure. I just don't get it.

RugbyRuss said...

Hell, you were a model of self restraint there. It sucks that these idiots seem to think that cyclists don't pay taxes or don't pay for roads or whatever. They were probably just pissed that the higher gas prices meant they couldn't get as much fat food at the drive thru.

Run Kurt Run said...

Yeah it was all I could do to keep from chunking a water bottle through the window. I must be getting soft in my old age'

jeanne said...

i hate people.