Monday, November 24, 2008

OK State Championsip Cyclocross...Tulsa Oklahoma

Sunday was OK CX State...while I was in no position to get a jersery I was hoping to be able to at least have ONE, ONE fucking decent CX race this season. Since we didn't run any 50k's this weekend and my training has been good but not stupid long...the possiblilty was there.

Sat I trained way more than I intended...2 hour trail run and an ez 1:45 on the trainer...I was only going to run 1 hour and ride the trainer one hour BUT the trail run was awesome and I was enjoying the beautiful fall day...then on the trainer I put in stage 6 of the 2006 TdF and was grooving with the pelaton...and kind of lost track of time.

No worries, got up Sun morning and spun on the trainer for 30min to wake up...ate a good breakfast and headed over to the race site. The course was a long son of a bitch...hell the 1's were turning 6:30 huge nasty run long sand pit the rest would be blazing fast...warmed up another 30 minutes on the course and the legs were feeling pretty damn good. I had hope....

We get the call to the line and I am feeling it....we get Riders READY?!!!! Go...I take off with the lead group and we hit the first turn before the first set of baracades and BAM! Fucking rear tire blows. Shit less than 100 meters off the line and my sorry ass is running back to the pit saying fuck a lot. Get the rear changed out with pit wheels and go to the officials free lap? WTF we always get a free lap...I ask to hop back in where I left off which is what we were told to do but for some reason I get relegated back to after the freaking Jrs. I am a lap down after one...I get back in and just buried myself for as long as I could. I actually had a decent ride just too bad I was a lap plus down from the start.

Such is cross and the way my season has gone.

JFR and smile while you suffer

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