Monday, November 17, 2008


It has been 11 daze since my last post and a whole bunch of shit happened....road Cross at the night race in OKC....I was totally fucking legs were stupid tired...not just tired but that deep down fatigue that just sucks your will to live out. Does that stop me from going out and giving it 100% effort well hell no is the answer you are looking for there spot.

Let's see that was Thur Nov 6th. We were on our way down to the Rockledge Rumble 50k...Running two 50ks in two weeks is kind or stupid but I really was looking forward to it. Coming off the Bass Pro 50k I really thought I would run this thing well despite the cross race from hell on Thursday night. The course looked way easier the bass pro and I figured I was in better shape. I am such a dumb ass...

The race went okay but I was only 5 min faster then the Bass Pro race...Shelley won the woman's even though she had serious stomach issues. She was about 15 min slower but the course was much closer to 32 miles.

Yesterday was OKC cross and a beautiful day...I basically rode temp since I am really really fatigued

Great fun but my results...well they suck but I am having a blast.

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