Friday, August 29, 2008

The Power or Prayer?

What does that really mean? This morning there was a whole news story about a community praying for god to heal some people who have come down with e-coli that they contracted from a restaurant in eastern Oklahoma. The really funny thing is that I ATE AT THAT FUCKING PLACE LAST FRIDAY...okay not real funny but...

The news story really is interesting...they were interviewing people who said "oh, yes I prayed for the people who got sick" so is praying like manual labor? I mean is it like building a barn?

So if the prayers work, does that mean that god made a mistake by allowing them to get sick in the first place? Does god do something and just kind of hangs out until we pray to reverse his decision? Or does he just miss some shit that is going on down here? Or is he just proving he is the boss and just fucking with us? I guess he could be real busy and just one step behind the devil and we are like a really crappy neighborhood watch for him.

Strange stuff.


Nancy Toby said...

I like how you think. It just means there are a whole lot of deluded sheep in this world engaging in wishful thinking that they can exert their desires through mind-control on the cosmos.

Run Kurt Run said...

Yeah I know right? It is just interesting that many of these people are very well educated and otherwise rational.

RugbyRuss said...

You've hit on the exact reason I have a problem committing to any religion completely.

I think that for some people, it's easier and more comfortable to believe that there is something out there controlling them and their destiny. Something that if they behave a certain way, praying and all that, that they can influence to have the outcome they want.

Much easier, and lazier, than to realize that things just happen. You can only control what you do. You have a responsibility to live to the best of your abilities and that is all you can control or influence.