Friday, August 29, 2008

No you don't rawk

Saving this Tri Drs post for prosperity

"When you're stuck sitting in a comfort zone, small problems become magnified. Get out of your comfort zone, touch the edge, and you come back with an appreciation for life." - Barbara Warren, 1943-2008

From AdventureCORPS News.

Rest in peace Ms. Warren, didn't know her but like the way she thought...from what I gather she still thought this way at 65 years of age at least I hope she did.

I pitched out a little friendly shot at my boy Mr. Mina. As always he caught it. As always thanks for being the straight man mate and setting me up to put this out there...

When I told Mark Seale I was going to retire from triathlons...again...he said you will miss it and will be back. Well the truth was I already was missing it even while racing it. I will be back I am sure but it might be awhile. A little about me...I ain't squat as an athlete when you compare times to people who actually have a gift of speed. What I have is a burning desire to push. Just to find out where the f**k is the edge. I want to know what it feels like to push to complete exhaustion. I want to race so hard that I literally think I am going sh!t my pants in a three up sprint during Cat 5 race. I want to run across places so f**king remote that if I get hurt there is a high likelihood that some very bad sh!t could happen. I refuse to settle for oh here is your nice participation ribbon you rawk. F**K THAT! We are athletes, we should demand from one another that we go out and do things that others dare not try. Does that mean doing stupid things no, does that mean dedicating the time, energy effort, that you have to great things YES. Does that mean I am better than anyone else who throws a leg over a bike or puts on running shoes no.

It really saddens me that races fill up in minutes, it really has changed since the first time I tried to get Amy Weiss to give me her coffee at IMUSA in 2000. We now have people who look to "fast" and "flat" as if there is magic in the finish clock time. That they will be transformed into immortality...f**K you. I used to be so intimidated when I showed up at IM with my fat butt. There were hundreds of ripped speed freaks concerned about going FAST! Not what kind of gadget they could buy to make them go faster. Now I am one of the skinny ones, I don't give two sh!ts if you are fat or skinny, fast or slow but your @ss better being putting the effort in to do the very best you can. We should demand that from one another and call BS when we see our brothers and sisters giving anything but there best since what we do is a choice.

Some of us on here have coaches...guess what they work for us. The Queen B said to me one time "I am going to give you some sick workouts" during one of our heated chats I said fine I will do double what you send. We should all look forward to the hard stuff! That is where the good stuff is. Sport is a non=lethal way to test yourself. If you don't want to take the test take your @ss back to the aerobics/body pump/spin whatever the hell is out there. Don't come to a competitive arena looking for a "YOU RAWK" cause guess what if you didn't put yourself on the didn't rawk.

Just sayin'

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