Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesdays of Death

For some reason as of late Wednesdays have been giving me the eebjeebies. After riding my balls off in the Tues night crits and going for an easy spin on Wed mornings the Wed run with the TATURs is a killer. Generally we haul ass for the first hour then easy run the remaining 30-45 minutes. I have actually been hanging with the lead group but I swear my lungs are screeming.

Last night was no exception...we blazed the first hour and I was fucking dying but stayed with the fast group. My legs were toast! We saw a big momma deer, which is always a treat. After we got back to the parking lot we all decided to run a little more so we hooked down the red trail. I was thinking we were done but back in the parking lot Shelley and Vicki decide we need to do another loop. I sez um it is matter the three of us take off. By the time we get to the turning point I had busted my ass in the pitch black. We decide to take the power line trail back because it is direct and there aren't any trees the only problem is it is FUCKING ALL UP HILL mother fucker that hurt...we finished in total darkness with no illumination. What a great run!

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