Monday, August 25, 2008


What a cool weekend. Shelley and I ran the Escape from Turkey Mountain, 5 mile trail race. Shelley did well top 5. I just felt like crap all morning and didn't run that well. I did go 53:12 I think which was better than the toe stumper 5 miler in March. Similar trail difficulty. After that we were going to go meet some friends for Breakfast but I went home and ran an additional 35 mintues, we got a call that some other friends needed 2 people for their Mud Run we raced twice in one legs were killing me. We did well in the Mud Run but for some reason we were scored indivdually instead of a 5 person team. Shelley was 4th I was like 88th out of 300 or some such. Total blast.

Had a nice 2:15 run on Sunday but my legs were no where near recovered from the day before...

Last week I put in 12:15 in training with 7 hours being running...I still can't drop a fucking pound. I actually ate well all week too...I give up

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