Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Two Fer Tuesday

Okay for the past couple weeks I have been thinking about racing both the C and the B races at the crits. I have honestly just been scared to do it knowing that the pain would be more than I really cared to edure on a Tuesday evening. Last night that though struck me as funny. Me afraid to go out and hurt on a bike ride. Realization that you are being a puss is a funny thing. So with that I laughed as I included my name on the B race sheet as well as the C. I figured fuck it my legs hurt so bad from all the running I have been doing that I won't feel a thing.

I get a 30 min warm up and the legs were sore. My run total for Sat, Sun, Mon was over 5 hours.

We get to the line and get the go. As usual the whole race was a cluster fuck. From go a guy new guy jumps off the front...reel him in, another attack, reel him in, another attack, reel him in...I finally decided not to cover every fucking attack by myself so back it off a twitch and kind of take turns in the wind with a couple others, with 5 to go we are riding like someone stuck a torch up our ass and I am hanging on for dear life. There are 4 of us in the chase but we never caught the one up and pulled up for a 5th place. I just had no crank in the legs...

I have about 30 seconds to get a drink and line up for the B's. BAM! Go shit here we go again! I was figuring to hang with the B's off the back and once I got popped I would call it a night...1st couple of laps I am in the top 5-8 feeling pretty few laps....still in there...attacks are going and I am still in the chase for a half dozen more and we bridged the last attacks...get 5 to go and we are chasing the break away down...we might have a chance...1 to go and we catch the break...a second later they are back up the road...shit! I missed the jump...spin around and cross the finish line! I think I was 8th or so.

I was totally and completly blown man did it feel good. I got lots of dude, good job with both races comments.

JFR boys and girls

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