Thursday, August 14, 2008

My legs My legs I can't feel my legs

First thing I have to talk about is "Dollar Chip Guy". We went to lunch after a meeting. We go to this dive Mexican restaurant and we are sitting at the bar. Guys comes in sits next to us. He starts bitch to the waitress who can't speak English real well. Well what do fuck stick Rednecks do when speaking to someone who to them English is a second language. Well the just talk LOUDER...the guy is fucking going on and on about a $1.00 for a second basket of chips and salsa. He looks over to our group and we have a couple extra baskets. He asked "Did you pay a extra for that"I had no idea but I couldn't help myself and responded yeah I think a buck. The shithook starts in again. I finally say here and hand him a one, I said dude if an extra basket of chips is going to make your day, I am buying. He gets pissed. I was cracking up big time. My group is looking at me like I am nuts. It was awesome. He did finally shut his cake hole.

Rode the trainer yesterday morning for an hour to spin out the crap that the crit injected into every pore.

After work Shelley and I met up with the local trail running club. I was thinking like a 45 min easy run...yeah right. We freaking hammer the first loop of the run which I thought would end our run for the day as Shelley said she didn't want to run very long...well then much to my surprise she said okay to doing a second loop!!!!!!!!!! OH SHIT my legs were fried but I was staying up with the lead group the whole way and I was really stoked about that. Even though my legs were killing me from the crits on Tues!


Kona Shelley said...'re hilarious. I learned new words, "fuck stick", "shithook", and "cakehole" it!

Run Kurt Run said...

Thanks! Seiously people are dipshits I am making it my mission to point this out to them every chance I get.