Monday, October 20, 2008

Palo Duro 20k

What an amazing place to run. I will get some pictures up soon but I think that Palo Duro is the most majestic place I have ever run. Just so remote and stark. Fucking awesome.

The weekend was really cool. We camped out thur-sun. with Jamie and Andrea, Lauren and Marc got there on Friday. We spent a lot of time hanging out and catching up. Shelley and I really appreciate our friends.

Sat morning broke nice an cool and we got the start about the time the sun crested the rim of the canyon. Shelley was up front of course I started in the middle hoping to run a even race. I was really concerned about my calfs as they have started to lock up again. No worries, I was just going to cruise it. I settled in and went through mile 1 around 12:15. Cool if I run 12's I will be at that was goal #1. My calves weren't complaining and I was just loving the run...mile 2 around 11:35. Feeling awesome. Sun was warming things up and the trail was just perfect...miles were clicking off and I was beside myself with how good I was feeling. I was getting a few sub 11 miles but I told myself to hold back until mile 9 then we would run hard. I really didn't get passed at all once we spread out. My biggest fear was I would catch the nekked dude and not be able to pass him, causing me to run behind his naked ass for 4 miles. Thankfully I never saw him after the out and back. I got to the last aid station and started to push it. Mile 10 was 10:10 or so then mile 11 was 9:58 then mile 12 9:38...finish 2:13:27. Not fast but I really felt great the whole way. I was 52nd out of 188 total.

Shelley rocked and was 2nd female and 8th OA! Awesome day for her.
The Canyon....
A cool wall on the run course
Shelley and I taking a break running the day after the race...sore fucking legs!

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