Monday, October 6, 2008

46 years today

Wow man, I can't fucking believe I am this old. When did that happen.

I guess age is just a number because I still feel really good and there are many things that I still want to do before I slip off the deep end. There is so much to explore in mind, body and the world around me.

...but...the clock does tick on and on.

I guess it just goes back to making every moment count.

This weekend was an awesome for a birthday...ran 20 miles or so with friends at Turkey...then home for a quick shower and headed to McNeely's for burgers, many beers and shots, then Shelley and I stayed downtown so we didn't have to drive...up at 6:30 for an hour run at Turkey...

...what do you know the oldest of our crew was the only one other than Shelley to show up!

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RugbyRuss said...

Happy birthday buddy.

I think age is a number. Just read a news item that said people that act younger than their age live longer. My wife said I'll be living forever and I am very cool with that. I have a feeling you'll be living longer than me.

Stay young dude!