Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Last Crit of the Season

Last night was the final race in the series here in T-Town. I pretty much decided last week that I was only going to race once since my legs were beat to shit. We did some really long runs this weekend and I took Monday completely off. Yesterday morning I did a short run in the morning and my legs were complaining.

My shoulder is still sore, as well as my hand. I was concerned about my grip but it did bother.

Got to the race site and the director was late so it was a hurry up kind of warm up. The legs were not as bad as I feared. Got the line up and the whistle and we were rolling. The usual guys were there so I just sat in most of the way. Nothing really got shaking until 5 to go. Then an attack from some new guy. Covered easily. Crazy Ivan never came through which was different. I was holding 3rd wheel and sitting well.

We get two to go and I talked a guy into attacking and went with him. American flyer cuts me the fuck off but I hang onto his wheel. Excel sports guy's attack doesn't get a break so we are all together with one to go. Strange jersey guy goes with about a half lap...American Flyer guy and I stay with him. Last turn as we head the sprint...American Flyer guys goes way too fast and into the gutter...I kind of sat up and though what the fuck is he doing...about that time he fucking cranks it up and caught me napping. We both blow by Strange jersey guy and he takes the win.

Great way to end the season...

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