Monday, September 29, 2008

The question?

If Kurt's Big Fat ASS (TM) falls in the woods and nobody is around does it make a sound.

Flat Rock 25k RR....

The Flat Rock 25k/50k is billed as one of the hardest trail runs in the country. They base that statement on results of other races blah blah blah...they rank it as 4th hardest.

I don't know about all that but I will say this it was fucking hard really really fucking hard. After leaving the 1/2 mile of road that starts and finishes the race you are either running up or down...and you are ALWAYS running on rocks. Rocks fucking rocks on top of fucking rocks. There are so many fucking rocks I dreamed about fucking rocks last night. My feet feel like they have been beat with a ball peen hammer. My right thumb is bruised and torn from tip to the wrist and the x-rays say my shoulder is just so other than that I am just fine.

I did a 10-15 min warm up to see if I can keep my calves from blowing up in the first mile which is basically up hill on rocks.

We start off and I actually feel pretty good Shelley goes with the lead men and we make the first 1/2 pretty quick. Once in the woods it is straight up over the rocks. My calves were okay but I wasn't pushing the point with them so I settled in and made my way to the top of the ridge. I was hanging out in the top 10-15 and I was feeling kind of good about my chances to get a top 10 (36 starters I believe). The trail is beautiful as it follows the shore line of Elk Lake. I really like the trail even though it was seriously hacking at my will to live. I was making fair time...took a break to pee and got passed about a 1/2 dozen people. Then I get the fucking choo choo man behind me. Holy SHIT this dude ran like a fucking steam engine...huff puff huff puff...I was thinking about just kicking his ass off a Cliff but decided to let him go in front at the first aid station.

The lead runner comes by going the other way then I am looking for Shelley in hopes she is leading at doing well. I see the 4th place male then Shelley she is looking great and has about a 10 minute lead over second. I figure I am in about 15th or so at the turn and I am feeling awesome so I pass a couple and head for home.

Just like my race a couple weeks ago my calves/Achilles start feeling much better at about 1:30 on the clock. I hit the turn about 1:41.

I was ready to go hunting...I get through the only open section I had seen all day and back to the woods...them BLAM-O FUCK THAT hurt! My right hand is bleeding like a MO-FO and I am trying to feel to see if my collarbone is still intact. I believe it is but my shoulder and hand hurt like a mother. Oh, and yes when my BFA falls in the woods it makes a lot of noise...mostly in the form of...........OH FUCK THAT HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never really recovered from the fall. I was able to sling my arm in my camlebak strap and I just sort of hobbled back in. I was like 18 out 36 starts and had a crap time of 3:50 and change.

This course is freaking hard but fun...

Shelley won the woman's side and was 3rd overall. She set a new course record by like 2 minutes...she is on a roll!

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