Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend Trip to Mt. Magazine and Devils Den in AR

Great running this weekend in Ark. I am still worried I am not getting enough real long runs in. I think my longest has been like 3:30. With the 50k coming in a month I need to get at least two longer than 5 hours. We'll see how it goes.

Saturdays run was on the Cove Lake trail to a fire road down at the bottom of Mt. Magazine. You lose like 1700 feet in 3 miles...which means you gain it coming back which we did but on the road (309) it was actually 5 miles all up hill.

I helped this little guy off the road. He was pissed and scared the shit out of Shelley. Check the rattles there are 16 of them he was an old buy and really beautiful.

Soaking the feet during a long run

Shelley loves butterflies. They are every where

Waterfalls all over the place.

Vew from the top! It is awesome

Shelley and I at the top!

Great weekend we spent Sunday running at Devils Den.

Crit night tonight

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