Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I fucking hate funerals. Seriously fucking hate them. Dr. Steve's service was Monday and I went is support of my friends and teammates. I have been pretty bummed since. I really fear that I am going to run out of time. This is the thing that worries me the most. Not what lies beyond deaths shadow but what I will miss out on here. There are just so many things I want/need to do. Will Shelley know how much I truly love her? Will Kyla understand her dad's true love, will my friends know how much they mean to me? I really want to be a better husband, dad, brother, friend I get so fucking frustrated with not reaching out more. I want to scream when I think about how society misses opportunities daily to better the lives of all mankind.

Fuck man life is too short.

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Mark Seale said...

Dude, the people you surround yourself with know how you feel. Day in and day out. Good and bad. Always here.