Thursday, December 11, 2008


Every good superhero needs a Nemesis, Batman had the joker, superman that one dude, Spiderman had can tell I thought comic books sucked and I am no fucking superhero but I do have a Nemesis...and well it is Sir Isaac Newton well not really him cause that dude is dead but his friend gravity. Yep gravity pulls on my BFA and makes me slow. I have spent the last 13-14 year trying to overcome that shit. It was a friend once upon a time. When I fought gravity was my assistant that enabled me to direct force to peoples head.

Now it just drags me down...


today, I kicked it's ass! I snuck away from work for a lunch time run. My legs have been feeling pretty damn good considering all the miles I have been putting in but today FUCK YOU GRAVITY I had the best run I have had in a long time. 45 min avg hr 135 or so not sure how far I went but I think it was close to 6 miles and I was in full cruise

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