Monday, June 1, 2009


Today is June 1, 2009

I am physically and emotionally drained beyond anything I have done outside the military. The gear is in the spare bedroom starring at me. We still have a couple odds and ends to pick up and still need to figure out exactly what we need to pack in our race bag…I can't even concentrate enough to put a clear thought together long enough to get it done. LMS injury issues are better but not 100% adding to the mounting pile on my shoulders. I am more unsure of my training than ever before. I suppose I have been here before yet this is different in so many ways. This run is looming bigger and bigger each day. Yet I am smiling.

I took Thru and Friday off to try and save what is left of my sanity. Had some friends in town racing Tulsa Tough…3 days of crit racing. I so wanted to be on my bike riding 30+ down main in a pack of 70. Watching the pro's race is something everyone should do. These guys do it so freaking smooth it is sick. Our team had a few scattered out in various cats. Our P/1 girl was 19th on Friday in her first race back in over 5 years and I hope she can continue to be in the saddle despite all that life throws at her young life. She is a good kid and I hope she can keep it together. The crashes were beyond crazy as is the hill off of riverside…some 200 people drinking in various stages of dress throwing money in a hat for "crowd preems". Just a great time…high notes…saw Ms Hatch and got my picture taken with Floyd Landis…he was really cool about and I approached him as he finished his warm up and was going to the call up. He was just so happy to be out there riding his bike. I like him. I hope he continues to ride and has success in whatever he does.

I also got some running in only 8 1/2 hours running this weekend but honestly I don't think I could have done anymore. I just hope it is enough. The hay is in the barn and we will spend the next 13 days doing shorter runs in the heat of the day and hopefully getting enough rest to put our gear in order. Still doesn't seem real. Had a good run yesterday with the crew…the main topic is "what are you running next". My answer is simple…"can't see past June 20th at this point".

So anyway those are my thoughts right now.

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