Monday, June 8, 2009

Time draw near....

Okay ya'll, I should have taken the whole week off I am so outta here mentally. We leave Wed around 3 for one of the biggest adventures LMS and I have every embarked on. So much of it is unknown but the feelings are very familiar...The nervous energy is out the roof...The radical mood swings are in full pull...the packing and unpacking of gear is getting out of hand...wondering if I have too much...too little...have I done too much training or not enough. I have hit pucker factor
10+...just where I should be.

I usually post Mr. Presslers "Alice in wonderland" piece this time of year just before racing another Ironman...I was looking for it today and sadly I must have deleted matter as it doesn't really ring true with the race I have spent the last 8 months or so getting prepared for.
I haven't filled my log book pages in for a couple weeks. This happens every year as an event gets near. I just cannot bring myself to look. I do know that last week has put me at 500+ hours of training. This included weeks off for my ankle break and some sick weeks that occurred.
I haven't spent any time to speak of in the pool. Probably account for 2 hours total.

Last count there were less than 20 people toeing the line. There will be no expo...there will be no banquets...there will be very few aid stations at most there is one each stage with one or two water drops...I won't have anyone yelling YOU ARE A DESERT RAT...the start and the finish are no more than a line drawn in the sand by the race directors heal. This alone makes me smile like an idiot.

tick tock...tick all comes down to this.

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