Monday, June 29, 2009

The start of a "new year"

OK so it is 1 week post Desert RATS...I didn't do jackshit last week. It felt wonderful. I have been thinking way too much about 2010 RATS...I do believe we are in for 2010. I have no idea why but I want to go back...I need to go back. The feelings and thoughts from the race are still fresh and I want/need that feeling again. I dread and welcome the training and race all at the sametime. I think I know what to do and how to prepare for the event the second go round so it begins. I trained alittle over 500 hours for this years race. I want to up that to 600. Hopefully injury for both Shelley and I are in the past so we should be able to ramp it up that much. I hope.

Here is a video of the race shot by a filmmaker who was with us. Allison did a great job capturing the essence of our adventure

So...51 weeks from now I will be back...15 lbs lighter with many more miles on my feet. I will raise to this challenge.

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lisa said...

totally cool video. You are one SICK man. (and i mean that as a compliment! ;))