Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back for more...

April 20th, 2010...Tues Twilight Crit Series...C race at came to a ??? Slamming halt as I hit the ground. Scott Haas and I had the field on the rivet...we hit the right hander before the finish turn...he went surfing...I mouse trapped over the top of him...April 29th Doc Stafford installed 9 screws and a plate to hold things in place...

4 Days later with his okay...I ran 3 miles. Fucking crazy...the next day 5 that point I had proven to my self that I was okay and I could what take the next 5 days off and heal...Desert RATS is a maybe but only 5 weeks away. Can I? Hell if I know but I am going to give it a try...LOL what is the worst that could happen?

Since the operation each day I have been getting better. Less pain, hell there are times I don't even know that it happened.

So here is the first real week back to training:

45 min spin on the trainer...felt good. Holding basically one handed sucks.
After work went to the gym got on the mill of dread for an hour...combo of run/walk at steep worries on the shoulder.

45 min Spin AM...felt pretty good.
1 hour on the pave with LMS 9:45 per mile avg...felt achy for a few min after the run.

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