Friday, July 10, 2009

Ponderings and training stuff

Well this week has been a bit of a downer training week. I am still pretty tired and might have done a little much last week. I will get some good stuff in this weekend because the mind is good but the body wants more sleep. No worries, it is going to be a long year in preparing for Desert RATS 2010...

I was thinking last night about is endurance sport what I do or who I am? I have known many people in the past few years who live and die by the race clock and the time it reflects. I must admit I have been there myself a few times but I think I have turned that corner and although my lifestyle includes endurance sport and by the nature of the events I enjoy I spend a very large part of my spare time doing and training for these events. I do them purely for the enjoyment of the effort. Yes I still like to see times on the clock that I think are "good" I cherish the effort, the people and the places. I have said it is the faces and the places not the finish times of my races.

Have fun.

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lisa said...

right on, brother!